VIDEO PREMIERE of Evolution of Fire: Part 1

VIDEO PREMIERE of Evolution of Fire: Part 1

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“Evolution of Fire” is a motion light painting by media artists Eric Freeman and Toshi Anders Hoo.   The animated short explores the theme of human’s long and evolving relationship with fire, from ancient ritual to modern technologies.

Freeman and Hoo have developed an innovative “motion light painting” technique using long exposure, stop-motion photography to create animations with a uniquely organic feel. Using custom fiber optic brushes they paint onto each frame using long exposures (up to 12 seconds) with a digital camera system. The final video is made up of over 900 hand painted frames.

The Evolution of Fire Artist Statement

It is impossible to understand human development without also understanding the evolution of our relationship with fire. Fire has been a critical influence in the emergence of human behaviour, technology and culture that has set us apart from all other life forms on earth.

Recent discoveries suggest that humans have been using fire as a tool for over one million years. The taming of fire allowed our ancestors to stay warm, cook food, ward off predators and venture into harsh environments. Fire has allowed us to manipulate and navigate the world around us in ways that no other species has been able to achieve. In more recent times, highly controlled forms of fire have powered the transportation, communication and technologies of our modern world.

About the artists:

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Toshi Anders Hoo is an award winning media producer, designer and artist. He specializes in directing interdisciplinary teams of artists and engineers to create transformational, inspiring and educational expereinces. He has worked with clients including the United Nations, TED, California Academy of Sciences, Intel, and NASA. As a lifelong lover of light he is in constant search for new ways to play with optical toys and visual techniques that bring wonder and insight into people’s lives. Toshi’s photography is represented by SF MOMA Artist Gallery.  Toshi is based in SF – check out his website!

Eric Freeman is an electronic music producer, photographer and video artist.  His recent video work is a combination of light painting photography and time-lapse.   In his music production,  Eric weaves together elements of world, electronic, and experimental sounds to create a sonic journey accompanied by video.  Eric is based in Somerville Massachusetts – check out his Vimeo site and his electronic music project ElderFlux!