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Photo Credit: @macframalama
Photo Credit: @mutiaraganja

“The most AMAZING vaporizer on the market right now!”

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photo credit: @macframalama

“The vapor quality using concentrates is top notch in terms of flavor, smoothness, clouds, and potency”

photo credit: @cannablisswellness

“It was so smooth and cool, I didn’t even think I was getting a hit..until I was coughing the huge cloud out”

photo credit: @CDXX_LIT

“If you haven’t tried one you should, the high is clean and very effective”

photo credit: @WOMENGROW

“There is no “right” way to use it, everyone can find what works for them with the app”

photo credit: @DAM_WEED

“it is my favorite device for concentrates and I use it for that exclusively“

photo credit: @hl_central