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5 Ways Terpenes Will Surprise You

There are hundreds of compounds in the cannabis plant, with THC and CBD being the most well-known. But terpenes are what give cannabis its unique fragrances, flavors and effects.
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The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2021

In this article we discuss: How does a dry herb vaporizer work? What’s a dry herb vaporizer used for? Are portable dry herb vaporizers good? Do they work well? What’s the safest dry herb vaporizer? What should I look for when buying a portable dry herb vaporizer? Compare the top vaporizers. Why is the Firefly 2+ the best portable vaporizer? Dry herb vaporizers are devices used to process dry herb so their compounds can be inhaled. Some dry herb vaporizers can also be used for concentrates, such as cannabis oil, waxes and rosin. Are dry herb vaporizers only used for cannabis? While cannabis is a common plant used in a dry herb vaporizer, they can also be used for tobacco and aromatherapy.  Dry herb vaporizers use heat to activate the dried plant material, boiling off the desired compounds (such as THC, CBD, or terpenes aka essential oils) into a vapor. When that vapor is then inhaled, those compounds can enter the body through the lungs.  People use dry herb vaporizers because they are a far healthier and more efficient alternative to traditional smoking. To learn more about the benefits of vaporizing, read our blog “Intro to Vaping.”  One drawback of early vaporizers, however, was the lack of portability. Clunky table-top versions of dry herb vaporizers were inconvenient and expensive. Thanks to the advancement of technology, today’s portable dry herb vaporizers are easy to use at both home and on the go. Do portable dry herb vaporizers work well? Yes, in fact the best portable vaporizers work even better than the original table top versions thanks to more efficient heating methods and the addition of user-friendly features.  As with anything, the quality of construction and features of the portable vaporizer will determine the quality of experience, so whether a dry herb vaporizer is “good” will vary according to the device.  Even more important than quality and features of a device is safety. Are dry herb vaporizers safe? Yes as they reduce risks associated with burning dry herbs by traditional smoking. Quality portable dry herb vaporizers also have safety features incorporated into the design, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions (and use common sense).  When thinking about safety some may have in mind a different meaning: Are dry herb vaporizers healthy? Dry herb vaporizers are healthier than smoking since they greatly reduce the inhalation of smoke (and its toxins). To take full advantage of this benefit, however, it’s important to use a vaporizer that uses conduction heat, which eliminates burning and smoke for the cleanest vapor. To learn more about different vaporizing methods, read our article “Heat Matters: How Heating Cannabis Determines What You Get Out Of It.” The top five things to consider when purchasing a portable dry herb vaporizer are: Heating method. Temperature range. Features and easy to use. Quality of construction and device warranty. Price and value. Heating Method. A common heating method used in vaporizers in conduction, which means that the hot surface is in direct contact with the dry herb being vaporized. Convection, on the other hand, forces hot air around and through the herb instead of directly touching the heating element.  What are the benefits of convection when using a dry herb vaporizer? Convection does not burn the dry herb, which creates cleaner vapor while also being more efficient (we’ll discuss this a bit more when considering the factors of price and value). It’s also common for vaporizers to use a combination of conduction and convection, so be sure to investigate even if a device claims to use convection.  Temperature Range. Being able to control the temperature of a session is essential for some users since it directly affects the experience. Higher temperatures generate more potent vapor as well as more intense flavor, while lower temperatures offer lower intensity vapor and allow for subtler flavors to come through. Different cannabinoids and terpenes are activated at different temperatures, as well, so a dry herb vaporizer user can target the aroma, flavor and effects they want from a strain by simply setting the temperature.  The Firefly 2+ stands out in this regard, thanks to its Dynamic Convection technology. Firefly 2+ activates the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes as it achieves and maintains the desired temperature. This maximizes both the flavor and effectiveness of the dry herb.  Features & Easy to Use. The design of a portable dry herb vaporizer can determine how easy it is to use, clean and maintain, as well as how efficiently the device performs. For example, the Firefly 2+ features a smooth glass vapor path and easy access magnetic lid to make loading the bowl and cleaning easy.  Another feature of the Firefly 2+ is that it heats up and cools down quickly. The Firefly 2+ takes only three seconds to preheat and be ready to use, while other vaporizers take half a minute or longer. The Firefly 2+ cools down as fast as it heats up, so each draw is its own mini-session. This allows users to easily control their dose without wasting any product.  Quality & Warranty. If making the investment in a portable dry herb vaporizer, one wants a quality device that will last. The Firefly 2+ is made using NASA grade materials and innovative technology for the ultimate in quality, but down take our word for it. Here’s what reviewers and industry experts have to say:While we love high profile reviews and magazine mentions, what ultimately matters is what our customers think. The Firefly 2+ has a consistent five-star rating from real buyers, and here’s a sampling of what they have to say: Read more reviews by visiting our Firefly 2+ Product Page.  Additionally, the Firefly 2+ portable dry herb vaporizer is backed by a two-year warranty, so vape shoppers can buy a Firefly with confidence.  Beware of cheaply made products, unfamiliar brands and dubious online shops. A “great deal” may quickly become “wasted money.” Instead, stick to well-reviewed companies and devices that include a guarantee with purchase.  Price & Value. Another factor when purchasing a portable dry herb vaporizer is the price and overall value. While it can be an investment, using a dry herb vaporizer is proven to save money in the long run, eventually paying for itself. How is this possible? Since a dry herb vaporizer reduces or eliminates burning, less material is wasted. Technology in the Firefly 2+, including Dynamic Convection, work to maximize the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes for a potent and efficient vapor. Dry herb vaporizers reportedly have to buy as much as 50 - 75% less dry herb--an outstanding savings! In addition to the Firefly, some common names in portable dry herb vaporizers are Randy Troo, Da Vinci, and G Pen. So how do these different brands stack up? Here a breakdown on how these popular portable dry herb vaporizers compare: We can say with confidence that the Firefly 2+ portable dry herb vaporizer is the best on the market because: Proprietary Dynamic Convection technology that maximizes intake of the entire spectrum of desired compounds.  Convection never burns, for a healthier and purer vapor. Range of temperature options for a customizable session. Quick warm up and cool down with breath activated conduction means the highest level of efficiency and zero product waste. Crafted with the same materials used by NASA for durability and quality.  Easy to use and easy to clean.  Sleek, appealing design.  Long-lasting battery and easy to recharge.  Stellar reviews from industry experts and a five-star purchase rating. We hope those looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer will try Firefly 2+ and experience for themselves why we stand out among other devices.    SHOP NOW
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Comparing Vaporizing Cannabis to Other Methods

Time: 7 minute read In this article you'll learn: Vaporizing cannabis vs. other forms of ingestion How long does it take to feel edibles vs. inhaling? Are there any benefits to vaporizing over edibles? Does vaped cannabis feel different than edibles? What are cannabis tinctures? Is vaping better than smoking? Is vaporizing expensive? Is smoking cheaper? Are some vaporizers better than others? Vaporizing Cannabis vs. Other Forms of Ingestion  Cannabis is filled with chemical compounds called cannabinoids, some of which have psychotropic or physiological effects when they bind with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. While the brain and central nervous system have the largest concentration of cannabinoid receptors, they are everywhere in the body (even our skin). How cannabinoids enter the body, and how the body processes them, determines which receptors are activated and for how long. Hence, how cannabis is ingested greatly influences cannabis’ effects and their scale.  For centuries, cannabis has been enjoyed in a variety of ways, and modern technology has expanded these options. Cannabis users can choose from traditional smoking to bongs to vaporizing to cannabis infused foods & beverages to tinctures and pills. Understanding the differences between all these methods will help an individual choose the best way (or ways) for themselves, their goals and intentions.  How long does it take to feel edibles vs. inhaling? If inhaling cannabis, effects are likely felt straight away, generally within 30 to 90 seconds. Three main ways of inhaling cannabis are smoking it with tobacco, using a bong, or vaping/vaporizing. The effects are immediate because inhaled cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the blood flow to the brain.  In contrast, it takes much longer to experience noticeable effects when eating cannabis, usually at least 30 minutes and sometimes as long as an hour. This is because the cannabinoids have to be broken down and absorbed through the digestive system. While eating cannabis may take longer to begin to feel, the effects are far more lasting since the substance stays in the system much longer than inhalation.  Are there any benefits to vaporizing over edibles? Since edibles’ effects are delayed an indeterminate amount of time, it’s most common to overconsume cannabis through eating. While it won’t cause any lasting harm, overconsumption can bring some rather unpleasant side effects, such as paranoia, nervousness, and nausea. For this reason, beginners often try vaporizing first since inhalation’s immediate effects and dose control make it easier to experiment without overconsuming.  Does vaped cannabis feel different than edibles? Timing is not the only difference. As noted earlier, how the different cannabinoid receptors are activated influences the effects. For example, eaten cannabis is reported to bring the greatest and longest-lasting relief for body pain and inflammation while inhaled cannabis is reported to deliver stronger mental effects. What are cannabis tinctures? Tinctures are a form of liquid cannabis where glycerol or another compound to draw out the active ingredients, but the effects are much the same as any other edible.  Is vaping better than smoking? Smoking, whether cannabis, tobacco or a combination, has irrefutable negative health effects. Smoke of any kind is filled with cancer-causing chemicals. In contrast, the relative health benefits of vaping over smoking are huge, potentially up to 95 percent better. Vaporizing cannabis allows users to enjoy the benefits of inhaled cannabis without the dangerous side-effects of smoking.  Besides the health benefits, vaporizing delivers a better experience. Clean vapor is both pleasant and discreet. Additionally, vaporizing can preserve and activate more terpenes that contribute to the herb’s effectiveness and flavor.  Is vaporizing expensive? Is smoking cheaper? While a quality vaporizer may take an initial investment, vaporizing is a far more efficient method and will actually save money. Smoking burns away some of the plant before it can be consumed, while the high heat reduces the cannabinoid and terpene contents in what is consumed. Since vaporizing solves these problems, vape users report buying 50% less cannabis after switching. The efficient technology of the Firefly 2+ reportedly allows users to reduce cost by 75% or more, all while delivering a more enjoyable experience.  Are some vaporizers better than others? To fully enjoy the benefits of vaporizing, it’s important to understand the difference between the two most common vaporizing technologies: convection and conduction. Put simply, conduction vaporizers can burn the herb or concentrate. While still better than traditional smoking, conduction vaping reduces the amount of cannabinoid and terpenes, which means a less efficient and less enjoyable session.  Convection, on the other hand, does not burn. Instead, in-direct heat activates the compounds while maximizing effects and flavors. The Firefly 2+ uses an advanced form of this heating technology, Dynamic Convection, which captures the most terpenes and cannabinoids possible for a flavorful and rich cannabis experience. For more in-depth information on, read our article Convection vs. Conduction - What Makes the Best Vaporizer?. Interested in getting started with vaping? Click here to read everything you need to know in our article Intro to Vaping. SHOP NOW
Intro to Vaping with the Firefly 2+
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Intro To Vaping

Vaping (short for vaporizing) is the act of inhaling vapors created by a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes heat a substance without lighting it on fire in order to convert compounds from solids or liquids into an inhalable gas. Modern vaporizers can heat plant material, most commonly cannabis, but also other herbs used in aromatherapy. They can also heat essential oils, waxes, extracts and other liquids.
Vaporizer Convection vs Conduction - What's the Difference?
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Convection vs Conduction - What Makes the Best Vaporizer?

Firefly 2+ for vaporization and activation of key terpenes and cannabinoids
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Heat Matters: How Heating Cannabis Determines What You Get Out of It

The type and amount of heat you apply to your cannabis flower can affect the purity of what you inhale, whether harmful smoke or ash is involved, and how and whether beneficial terpenes or specific cannabinoids are activated. Heat is a crucial factor of customizing your cannabis experience.
Aromatic terpenes are found in such flora as pine, lavender and lemons
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What Are Terpenes? - Complete Guide

A comprehensive guide to terpenes--what are they? What do they do? How do they work with cannabis?  Terpenes both enhance a sensory experience and functionally contribute to it, and we explore this dual purpose throughout this article.
The Endocannabinoid System - an infographic
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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabinoids

In this extensive review of cannabinoids, learn everything from the basics of what a cannabinoid is to the latest in scientific research on them, their use and effects.
Firefly Vapor for Creativity
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Does Cannabis Really Make You More Creative?

Weed and creativity seem to be synonymous with each other. In fact, famous musicians, artists, and writers throughout history have been known to use cannabis as a way of enhancing their creativity. If you look back at popular culture throughout the years, you’ll start to sense a common theme of musicians or artists smoking a joint while working their magic over the last several decades, before legalization was upon us.