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The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer 2023

Weed vaporizers today are much more portable and efficient than when they first emerged on the market, thanks to improved technology and understanding of how to best vaporize the cannabis plan. This is true for the Firefly 2 upgrade that provides an outstanding vaping experience with cannabis. Learn about this portable and convection marijuana vaporizer for sale and all of its features, below.

Portable Vaporizers

With  an assortment of portable vaporizers for weed available for purchase, it might be hard to choose which is the best one for you. This article will outline why we believe the Firefly 2+ is the best choice when it comes to portable weed vaporizers.

What is the Firefly Vaporizer?

The Firefly is, as mentioned, a portable cannabis vaporizer. The brand was created in 2012 by a former Apple Designer who had a profound appreciation for cannabis and wanted to leverage technology to bring out the best in the cannabis plant and saw an opening in the market to improve upon what existed. Firefly spares no expense when it comes to materials used and technology platforms leveraged to create the optimal vaping experience. 

Firefly Vaporizer

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From the start, they were dedicated to developing the best marijuana vaporizer they could make. The team spent two years developing the technology platform, but ultimately decided it wasn’t perfect and not ready for market introduction. They pivoted and decided to go a different route. Instead of using butane as a heating source, they would use an electric heating coil. 

The team tried many different metals in order to find the perfect one. Soon after testing, they both happened to develop a nickel allergy. This also happened to be the standard type of coil in weed vapes at the time. This led them to ceramic as the heating element in the device, which is now the industry standard in vaporizers due to its superior heat retention abilities.

When the R&D process was done, the final result was a first of its kind high-tech product known as the Firefly dry herb vaporizer. Since its inception Firefly has released three additional iterations of the vaporizer device, as well as, a prefilled oil vaporizer known as the Firefly mini. 

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Why buy the Firefly?

The Firefly has a number of thoughtful qualities, but here are just a few:


  • Speed
    • The Firefly 2+ has one of the fastest heat-up times of any vaporizer on the market, heating the material inside in just 3-seconds. When you’re ready to charge, you only need 45 minutes before the device is fully charged and ready for its next use.
  • Temperature
    • The Firefly takes the same amount of time to heat up as it does to cool down. This enables more control with each puff. The Firefly also uses modern dynamic heating technology to heat up each draw to your preferred maximum temperature, helping you to maximize what you get from each draw.
  • Design
    • The design of the Firefly is elegant and understated. Available color options include jet black, gold, blue, black, oak, and zebra wood. Other key features of the design include:
      • Magnetic Lid
      • Borosilicate Glass Bowl
      • Laser-drilled Microjets
      • Capacitive Touch Sensors
      • Glass Vapor Path
      • Removable Mouthpiece
      • Magnesium Alloy Chassis
  • Waste-Free
    • The Firefly 2+ is designed specifically to heat up as you inhale, so no material is ever wasted. 
  • Long-Lasting
    • Inhalation lasts 10 seconds, this enables the vapor to stay in your body for longer periods of time, entering the surface of the lungs and going to the bloodstream thereafter. It also mitigates large plumes of vapor that are wasteful, keeping the cannabis in your body and more discreet.
  • Technology Controlled
    • The Firefly also allows the user to conveniently control the temperature from their desktop or via an Android app. You can choose a wide range of temperatures between 200° and 500° Fahrenheit. This is the largest available temperature control of any portable vaporizer. 
  • Taste
    • The 2+ has exactly 33% more airflow than the previous model. Since the Firefly is able to use a range of temperatures, it can activate all of the compounds in your cannabis appropriately, helping to reveal nuanced flavor profiles and effects. The taste delivered via the Firefly device is unlike any other vaporizer for weed.
  • Warranty
    • The Firefly has a two-year satisfaction guarantee, with a warranty repair center available for troubleshooting and repairs. 

All these and more it is a strong contender for the best weed vape pen for sale.


Why buy the Firefly


What makes the Firefly 2+ different from other portable vaporizers on the market?

As discussed in this article, the Firefly uses technology to its advantage to effectively and expertly vaporize all compounds within cannabis flower or extract. Other vaporizers can only activate one thing at once, sacrificing flavor and potency.

The Firefly features a dynamic heating technology, so you can smoke at your own pace rather than needing to vaporize the entire bowl in one session. The device only takes a few seconds to heat up and cool down with each draw, allowing for efficient vaping sessions in respect to both time and wasted cannabis. It’s small and sleek, so you can easily pack it with you and use it on the go or at home. 

When you purchase the Firefly 2+ cannabis vaporizer, it comes with the vaporizer itself, the charger, a rechargeable battery, a concentrate pad, a charging dock, three alcohol wipes, and the charging cable. 

Final Thoughts

The Firefly is great for those who prioritize vapor quality over all else. The device's construction and proprietary heating technology make it a top-of-the-line taste and aroma, making it the best vaporizer for any vaping experience.