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New App Update

Explore The New App Update

New App Update


The new app update includes a wider range of temperature settings, renaming Power Tuning to Calibration, smarter more responsive algorithm, LED consistency, and ability to change your temperature directly from your Firefly 2!

Learn how to change the temperature directly from your Firefly 2 in a few easy steps!

  1. Press and hold the right button.
  2. Tap the left button 3 times quickly (while still holding the right button). This puts the Firefly 2 into “temperature setting” mode.
  3. The LED blinks red 1 to 7 times, to indicate the current set temperature.
  4. Tap the left button again (while still holding the right button) to set the temperature.
  5. Release the right button to exit temperature setting mode and save the last set temperature. 7 Taps : Concentrates (500 F)
  • 6 Taps : High (420 F)
  • 5 Taps : Med High (400 F)
  • 4 Taps : Medium (380 F)
  • 3 Taps : Med Low (360 F)
  • 2 Taps : Low (340 F)
  • 1 Tap : Ultra Low (320 F)
“The new firmware is a huge improvement to funtionality!”

Explore The New App Update - Img 1

“The new app has taken what is already the best vaporizer on the market and put it lightyears ahead of the competition, amazing!”
“The new app is very slick, loving the temp slider!”

Explore The New App Update - Img 3

“It’s taken what seemed optimal to an entirely different level!”