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Heard of “Brave New Weed” and Joe Dolce?

Brave New Weed Book

Joe Dolce, the former Editor-in-Chief of Details Magazine, wrote a fascinating new book about cannabis titled, Brave New Weed. It seems almost as if the collective consciousness speaks through him on this entertaining journey through the plant and its history. Brave New Weed is Available to Purchase Here

“Brave New Weed, a loving rethink of all things marijuana, is likely to be a trusted hitchhiker’s guide to this new universe.”

New York Times

“One of the most fascinating accounts of the state of marijuana. A charming, honest look into pot’s past – and what that says about it’s future”.

Rolling Stone

“This book is not only endlessly sourced and entertainingly written – it contains important information about how to proceed into the post-prohibition future of weed in America”.

Amazon Review


Firefly’s Co-Founder, Mark Williams, recently joined Joe Dolce on his podcast, Brave New Weed, and discussed the many surprises to designing a high fidelity vapor experience.

Listen to the Podcast Here


Photo Credit: Surterra Wellness