How to Vape Weed and Deal with the Lingering Smell

How to Vape Weed and Deal with the Lingering Smell

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Vaping is a very popular way to enjoy cannabis. Many users feel it has much stronger effects than pipe or joint smoking. You want the most bang from your buds for the bucks you spend. 

Yet some users don’t know how to vape weed. Others may have questions or concerns about safety.  Another worry may be ‘Does vaping weed smell?’ 

There’s a lot to consider in consuming cannabis by vape. For newbies, it may seem somewhat overwhelming. Before starting, it makes sense to understand the pluses and minuses involved.

How to Get Started Vaping Weed

How to Get Started Vaping Weed

Where to begin? Before starting anything new, understanding the ins and outs helps. Vaping is no different.

Gathering information is always an excellent way to get going. It will make using a weed vaporizer less intimidating.

How Do You Vape Weed?

There’s a method to everything – from driving a car to putting on pants. When vaping, there are three main methods:


Oil carts can be homemade or manufactured. Most folks are content to go to a dispensary or provisioning center and buy a premade cart. It’s quick and easy.

Others like to make their own cannabis oil and fill a cart. For beginners, manufactured carts make the most sense. For intermediate to advanced vapers, making their own may have some appeal.

Pretty much all cartridges are made to screw onto a 510-threaded pen vape.

Then, with a push of a button, oil is heated into vapor. You inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy the benefits and buzz within minutes.


Dry herb vaporizers use either convection or conduction to create vapor.

Convection cooks the herb with hot air like an oven. The good part is that this produces even heating.

Conduction uses a heating element to apply direct contact heat to ground buds. Some say this may lead to uneven heating and/or burning.


 Wax concentrates generally use a specialized rig. Vaping this way is called dabbing.

A dab rig is like a bong with a spike instead of a bowl.


How To Buy Weed Vapes?

Once you decide which way you want to go, you must equip yourself with the needed tools. You’ll want to buy some weed, naturally. Then you will need something to vaporize it.

Here are some points to consider with each type of vaping device.


• As noted, cartridges require portable vape pens.

• Vape pens tend to be simple and relatively inexpensive.

• Some pens feature temperature control to regulate the amount of vapor produced.


• Dry herb vaping uses portable or desktop devices.

• Desktop units are bulkier than vape pens for carts.

• Herbal vapes must reach higher temperatures than cartridge vaporizers.


• Wax vapes usually involve adapting a bong with a nail or banger.

• There are some portable units that electronically heat a nail. Then, the hot spike is touched to some wax in a container to produce vapor. Others have a built-in chamber for the wax.

• Accessories to convert a bong into a dab rig are easily found. Swapping out a nail for a bowl is easily done. Dab nails can be had for not much more than pens.


How to Use a Portable Vape?

The way you use a vaporizer depends on which type it is.


Wondering how to use a vape pen? It’s simple.

1) open the cartridge package and remove the cart.

2) Screw the cart onto the battery pen base.

3) It takes just one press of a button to produce vapor. Multiple presses are used for turning the unit off or on. This is also how you switch temperature settings.

4) Breathe through the mouthpiece, in with the vapor, out with the clouds.

Then it’s lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

Batteries need frequent recharging. They will only last for so long before you have to buy a new one.


Now, here’s how to vape dry herbs:

1) Before using an herbal vape, grind up some weed leaves.

2) You will need to have charged your herbal vape pen. If using a desktop model, make sure it’s plugged in.


3) The ground marijuana is then placed in a chamber for heating.

4) It sometimes takes a few minutes for a dry herb vape to heat up. There are indicator lights that tell you when it’s hot enough to vape.

5) Then, you inhale through the mouthpiece.

As above, the steps are the same for multiple sessions.


How you use wax vapes depends on if they’re a standard rig or a dab pen.


1) If you’re using a bong type of dab rig, then first add water to the central chamber.

2) Prep your dab wand by placing a small piece of concentrate on the end.

3) Heat the nail with a small hand torch. It’s called a banger if it’s quartz or ceramic.

4) Place the concentrate chunk on the heated nail.

5) Suck in the vapor through the mouthpiece.

With an electric dab nail, it’s a bit different.

1) Charge the battery.

2) Load the heating chamber with a bit of wax. Some dab pens use a small exterior dish to put the cannabis concentrate in.

3) Hold the button down as you hit to vaporize.

4) Draw vapor into your mouth and lungs via the mouthpiece.

5) With an exterior dish, touch the hot nail at the end of the pen to concentrate. Next, inhale as it vaporizes.

As with the above methods, repeat as desired.

WAX VAPES                       

Using Dry Herb Vaporizers Safely

Weed vaping is safer than straight smoking because there are fewer particulates. But there are a few things you should do to ensure you get the most benefit from an herbal vape.

• Make sure you’re using the device correctly. Follow any included instructions carefully. Or use the steps we listed above for the type of vape you’re using. This will help ensure you’re doing it right.

• Don’t use too high a temperature, which can result in combustion, burning up the weed leaf. This results in acrid vapor with fewer cannabinoids.

• Keep your vape clean. You will need to learn how to clean a vape coil. Resin buildup is acidic and not good for your lungs.

Using a clean weed vaporizer correctly will also cut down on the smell.

Vaping Cannabis and Odor

Does vaping weed smell? Yes, it does. Heating or burning any material will produce an odor.
But the flower fragrance may not appeal to your nearby neighbors. There are some things to consider concerning cannabis odor.

Arguably, vaping is less stinky than smoking a pipe or joint. Vaping weed in good ventilation may make it less likely to be caught.

How Long Does Weed Smell Last?

The length of time weed smell lasts will depend on how much you used and how you vaped it. The type or strain will also be a factor. Some cannabis flowers are more fragrant than others. Something else to consider is room size and ventilation. 

There’s no set answer to how long weed smell lingers because of the above factors. The odor of vaping weed could conceivably last hours or even days. 

How Long Does Weed Smell Last?

Ways to Reduce the Smell of Weed Vaping

Since the smell of weed vaping can last so long, learning to deal with it can be important. First of all, a fan or good ventilation can prevent or limit weed smell build-up. After that, there are some ways to mask or reduce the dankness.

  • Incense is an old staple weed stink solution. Room sprays are also routinely used.
  • Employ an electronic air purifier.
  • Cooking up fragrant food like garlic or bacon might mask marijuana.
  • Go outside; the wind is the best ventilation of all.
  • Exhale into a sploof. A sploof is a tube with an open end and a dryer sheet rubber-banded on the opposite end to trap weed smell.
  • Perfume or cologne can mask weed smell on your hair, skin, or clothing.

Summary on How to Vape Weed

Hopefully, by this point, you’ve learned a thing or two about how to vape weed. 

Whether using a dry herb weed vape or a cannabis oil cartridge vaporizer, vaping is an excellent way to enjoy some ganja. With knowledge and practice, puffing pot from a vape will provide good benefits.

It is perfectly safe to vape weed.  It’s best to follow the instructions for the type of device you’re using. Also, keeping your vape clean cuts down on impurities.

Does vaping weed smell? Sure, but it shouldn’t worry you too much if you plan ahead. Good ventilation and some spray or incense should help.

All you need now is some weed and a vape and you’ll be good to go!