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Game Changer update

What is Firefly2’s “Game Changer” Update?

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The Firefly App has a brand new feature that will change your vape life!  The new Power Tuning feature allows users to adjust the temperature output of the Firefly2, boost the vapor, and create clouds like you haven’t seen before!

Tech publication KnowTechie says: “It really kicked it up a notch. I was really impressed with the increase in vapor it produced. Not only did it produce larger vape clouds, but it also never lost its amazing tasty flavor. With the ability to improve your vaporizing experience by simply updating its app, I can’t wait to see what future improvements there may be in the future.”

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Our Firefly Family loves Power Tuning too! Read on to learn why our customers are very happy with the latest update…

Vapor Portraits by Charlie Watts

“Has there ever been a vape that could put out an update like this before and make everyone’s experience that much better? I can’t think of any. This is truly revolutionary. Simply incredible.”

“I liked the FF2 before, and it’s just been elevated with this 1-2 punch of app and firmware.”

“It is a pretty amazing improvement in the versatility of the device.”

“this update is unbelievable on concentrates… it’s that powerful.”