Asher Roth’s ‘Rap Life’

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 1

“Whether you’re fixing a flat tire on the tour van in the rain or pouring champagne on a yacht, “…fuck it, rap life.”

We are excited to introduce a brand new video series in the Fueled by Firefly artist program: ‘Rap Life,’ presented with Kind Media and RetroHash. ‘Rap Life’ provides a glimpse behind the scenes with musical artist and rapper Asher Roth, featuring authentic visual documentation of Asher’s life, be it video shoots, rap shows or heartbreak. Get a peek into Asher’s creative process as he navigates the journey of an independent artist.


It’s fun to see Asher in his element.  We get an honest portrayl of his version of ‘rap life,’ and it appears that he’s not that different from us – he does yoga, laundry, and eats brunch too 😉

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 3

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 3

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 3

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 4

Asher Roth’s - Rap Life - Img 5 - Asher Roth's Studio

Does Asher have it all figured out?  “I don’t think that question has been answered. But it’s really cool I’m on that path. Instead of saying, ‘Hey man, here’s Rap Life, and this is the answer. We found the light. Happily ever after.’ That’s not the case at all. This is just the beginning of the awakening.”

Welcome to the Fueled by Firefly family Asher, you are so “RADICAL MAGICAL!”


Go watch it!