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Best Dry Herb: Vaporizer Tips, Recipes & Blends

While individual herbs can be vaped alone in a vaporizer, you’re not limited to vaping one herb at a time. You can find many recipes specifically blended to induce certain effects, or offer an interesting flavor profile. 
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In this article you will learn:

Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizing has become the most popular method to enjoy cannabis and other dry herbs. One reason is that using a dry herb vaporizer is healthier than smoking since a dry herb vaporizer doesn’t product carcinogens or other toxic by-products. Another reason is that a dry herb vaporizer enables an overall better experience, including a richer flavor and maximized effectiveness. 

Each dry herb, including the cannabis plant, has its own optimal vaporizing temperature range. The minimum temperature determines when the dry herb begins to vaporize. Once the dry herb is heated beyond the maximum temperature, it begins to combust and produce harmful smoke and toxins. The goal when dry herb vaporizing is to hit the perfect temperature in between. Since flavor, effects, and smoothness can vary, experimenting within this ideal range will help you find your preferred setting for an herb blend. A dry herb vaporizer allows such precise temperature control, whereas smoking cannot. 

Unlike vaping concentrated oils, vaporizing with dry herb is far more flexible since it allows  the user to blend dry herb and cannabis for a unique and personalized experience. Oil concentrated vapes, while convenient, do not allow for such flexibility or creativity. 

Here at Firefly, we hope you explore all the benefits of dry herb vaporizing, with the many different herbs and possible combinations. 

75 Best Dry Herbs to Vaporize (That Aren’t Cannabis)

While cannabis is amazing and popular, marijuana isn’t the only plant you can use in a dry herb vaporizer! Knowing which dry herb to vaporize can seem daunting at first. There’s a lot of herb choices, and even more combinations. What’s the best herb to relax at night? What’s the best herb for getting energized and focused? How do I know what temp is best for a dry herb?

The following is an alphabetical list of 75 of the best dry herbs to vaporize, their most notable beneficial properties, their vape flavor, and the best temperature range to vaporize so you get the most from the herb. 

Note that not all herbs nor parts of herbs listed here are safe for vaping. For example, only red bearberries are consumable, while the white and green fruits should be avoided. Herbs can also interact with medical conditions and medications, so use sound judgement and, if appropriate, consult your physician before trying.

It’s also worth noting that familiar herbs may taste different when vaporized, as certain terpenes (aromatic essential oils in plants) are amplified. To learn more about terpenes, check out our blog “A Crash Course on Terpenes”)



Vape Flavor


Aloe Vera

antioxidant, antiinflammatory

cooling, refreshing, herbal

347°F to 392°F


digestion health, congestion relief

spicy, sweet, licorice

302°F to 347°F

Aphrodite Mix


herbal, bitter, flowers

302°F to 347°F


digestion, relaxation, mood booster

sweet, citrus


Bearberry (Uva Ursi)


sweet, cranberry

212°F to 302°F

Betel Nut

stimulating, uplifting

spice, cinnamon and nutmeg

365°F to 392°F

Blue Lotus

euphoric, relaxing

fruity, earthy, astringent

212°F to 257°F

Calea Zacatechichi 

lucid dreaming

bitter, earthy

365°F to 392°F


euphoric, calming & relaxing

grassy, minty

257°F to 302°F


relieves headaches and colds, relaxing, indigestion relief

herbal, fruity, floral

212°F to 257°F

Clavo Huasca


spicy, clove

347°F to 392°F


pain relief, cold & congestion relief, mental clarity

spicy, clove, 

257°F to 302°F

Coffee Beans

stimulating, energizing

earthy, bitter

302°F to 347°F


pain relief, soothing

herbal, cucumber

302°F to 347°F


aphrodisiac, mood and energy booster

bitter, floral

302°F to 347°F


stimulating, energizing, metabolism booster

refreshing, astringent, herbal

257°F to 347°F


antibacterial, stimulating, cold & congestion relief

menthol, citrus, pine




mental focus, antioxidant, detoxifying

licorice, sweet, spicy

302°F to 347°F


anti-inflammatory, pain relief, menstrual cramps

bitter, herbal

257°F to 347°F


antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

ginger, spicy, sweet

302°F to 392°F


anti-infection, boosts circulation

pungent, nutty

347°F to 392°F


decongestant, immune booster 

peppery, sweet, pungent

347°F to 392°F


mental focus, mental clarity, boosts circulation

bittersweet, pungent

257°F to 347°F


anti-inflammatory, immune booster, stimulating

licorice, sweet, earthy

347°F to 392°F

Gotu Kola

antibacterial, immune booster, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant

bitter, astringent, parsley

212°F to 302°F

Green Tea

energizing, mood booster, anti-inflammatory, metabolism booster

bittersweet, floral, herbal

347°F to 365°F

Green Tea Gunpowder

energizing, metabolism booster, antioxidant

bold, smoky, bittersweet

347°F to 365°F


energizing, uplifting, mental focus

tart, bitter

257°F to 347°F


relaxing, insomnia relief, stress & anxiety

citrus, herbal, pine

347°F to 392°F

Inebriating Mint 

relaxing, stress relief, sedative

mint, herbal, spice

212°F to 302°F


anxiety relief, euphoric

tobacco, bitter, spice


Kava Kava

relaxing, euphoric, pain relief

earthy, bitter

347°F to 392°F

Klip Dagga

euphoric, anti-inflammatory

grapefruit, bitteer

302°F to 347°F

Kola Nut

energizing, headache relief

bittersweet, floral

365°F to 392°F

Kra Thorn Khok

energizing, rejuvenating, stress relief

bitter, herbal

347°F to 365°F


pain relief, antidepressant, metabolism booster

herbal, grassy

347°F to 392°F


stress & anxiety relief, relaxing, calming

floral, woodsy, sweet

212°F to 257°F

Lemon Balm

stress relief, headaches, menstrual cramps

refreshing, herbal



anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial

citrus, lemon, mint

257°F to 302°F


antibacterial, antioxidant, digestion health

bittersweet, sour, herbal

347°F to 392°F


antidepressant, stimulating,  mental focus

sharp, tobacco, earthy


Maca Root 

aphrodisiac, energizing, mood booster

earthy, nutty, caramel

302°F to 392°F

Maconha Brava

euphoric, stimulating, relaxing

mild, light 

347°F to 392°F


blood health, menstrual cramps, relaxing

mild, sweet

302°F to 347°F


soothing, anti-inflammatory

earthy, herbal, cinnamon

302°F to 392°F

Mexican Tarragon 

warming & stimulating, helps digestion

bittersweet, pungent, licorice

302°F to 347°F

Mimosa Hostillis

mental clarity, energizing, cerebral stimulation

bitter, earthy, floral

338°F to 374°F

Morning Glory

anxiety relief, anti-depressant, cerebral stimulation

mild, herbal & green

365°F to 392°F

Muira Puama 

aphrodisiac, pain relief, anti-depressant 

sweet, spicy

347°F to 392°F


anti-inflammatory, respiratory health

bitter, earthy, astringent 



anxiety relief, relaxing sleep aid

mild, sweet, spicy

347°F to 392°F

Papaver Somniferum

sedative, pain relief

mild, nutty

257°F to 347°F

Passion Flower

anxiety & stress relief, mental focus

earthy, herbal & green

212°F to 302°F


mental alertness & focus, soothing

light, refreshing, mint

212°F to 302°F

Pink Lotus Stamens

stress & anxiety relieve, calming 

sweet, fruity, raspberry

212°F to 257°F

Red Clover

anti-inflammatory, pain relief

mild, sweet



antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mood boosting

sweet, tart, herbal



boosts cognitive functions, anti-inflammatory

earthy, herbal, peppery

257°F to 302°F

Sakae Naa

energizing, stimulating

rich, earthy

347°F to 365°F

Salvia Divinorum (Magic Mint)

hallucinogenic, antidepressant 

bitter, herbal

410°F to 446°F

Sinicuichi (Mayan Sun Opener)

relaxing, lucid dream, 

bitter, coffee

347°F to 392°F


mental focus & clarity, antioxidants

sharp, mint, menthol


St John’s Wort


earthy, bittersweet

212°F to 302°F

Sweet Flag 

anti-inflammatory, digestive health

strong, spicy, bitter

302°F to 347°F

Syrian Rue

sedating, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory

bitter, citrus

212°F to 302°F


antibacterial, congestion

strong herbal, woodsy

212°F to 302°F


relaxing, sleep aid

Herbal, floral, mild

347°F to 392°F


relaxing, sleep aid, stress relief

sweet, herbal, floral

212°F to 302°F

White Lily 

anti-inflammatory, detoxifying

pungent, asleep, astringent

257°F to 347°F

Wild Dagga (Lion’s Tail)

calming, euphoric

rich, earthy, smoky

302°F to 347°F

Wild Lettuce

sedating, pain relief

mild, earthy

257°F to 302°F


anti-depressant, muscle pain, digestive health

mild, bitter, licorice

212°F to 302°F

Yerba Mate

mental focus, energy boosting, antioxidants, immune system support

strong, earthy, bitter, eucalyptus 

212°F to 302°F

Therapeutic Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizing

Many of the dry herbs listed above are more than great flavor and aroma, but offer proven therapeutic benefits as well. These can be used alone, in combination with each other, or even mixed with cannabis. 

Aloe Vera. Vaping aloe vera brings a soothing, relaxing quality along with its anti-inflammatory benefits. Vaporized aloe vera has an expected taste of light, cooling and refreshing.

Anise. Vaporizing anise is a soothing anti-inflammatory that can settle the stomach and aid digestion, with a familiar sweet and spicy licorice taste. 

Aphrodite Mix. This popular blend of herbs and flowers is a natural go-to for getting “in the mood.” Vaping this herb blend brings out all the sweet, herbal notes of each individual plant for a pleasant vape session with your partner. 

Basil. Vaporizing basil activates the citrus terpenes for a bright,  sweet lemon flavor. The effects are reported as both uplifting in mood while relaxing, not to mention basil’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Bearberry (Uva Ursi). While parts of bearberry are highly toxic, the red berries are powerful antibacterial agents. Vaporizing bearberries are used to naturally treat mild infections 

Betel Nut. Vaporized betel nut gives an uplifting high with a sweet cinnamon flavor. Vaping betel nut is popular because its stimulating euphoric effects can be enjoyed without an overpowering earthy or ‘green’ taste. 

Blue Lotus. Blue lotus delivers a relaxing euphoria when vaporized, with a refreshing fruity and earthy taste (similar to Campari).

Calea Zacatechichi. While calea zacatechichi has a distinctive bitter taste, it’s not known for its flavor. Called the ‘Dream Herb,’ vaporizing calea zacatechichi is said to induce lucid dreaming. 

Catnip. Not just for kitties, catnip imparts a calming and relaxing euphoria in humans with a fresh, herbal taste making it a popular option for dry herb vaporizing. 

Chamomile. One of the most popular dry herbs for vaporizing, chamomile is calming and relaxing with a delicate and mild herbal flavor. Vaping chamomile is essentially like inhaling a cup of chamomile tea.

Clavo Huasca. This spicy herb is known to spice up one’s love-life. Clavo huasca is an aphrodisiac with a clove-like flavor and aroma when vaporized. 

Coffee Beans. Inhale your morning cup of coffee by using coffee beans in a dry herb vaporizer. Vaping coffee beans activates the caffeine, antioxidants, and flavonoids which are then quickly and easily absorbed through the lungs. Vaped coffee tastes and smells like coffee, however subtle flavors from various blends are amplified. 

Comfrey. This mild tasting herb is vaporized to enjoy its soothing and pain relieving qualities.

Damiana. Vaporizing damiana offers a bitter but floral flavor with a boost in mood and energy, but damiana is most notable for being a potent aphrodisiac

Ephedra. Vaporizing ephedra gives an immediate boost to the metabolism and a jolt of energy, with an expected refreshing and astringent taste. 

Eucalyptus. The bright menthol flavors and aromas of eucalyptus make it an amazing dry herb to vaporize to improve mental clarity and focus. 

Fennel. Fennel is both an antioxidant and detoxifier, known for its distinctive licorice-like flavor. Vaporizing fennel, however, also helps clear and focus the mind. 

Feverfew. Anti-inflammatory and potent pain reliever, feverfew is often mixed with other dry herbs when vaporizing to compliment the bitter, herbal flavor. 

Galangal. Spicy and sweet aromas akin to ginger make for a pleasant vape experience while absorbing galangal’s anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Garlic. The thought of garlic in a dry herb vaporizer may sound a little intense, but it’s not as pungent and takes on a more nutty aroma. It’s still garlic, however, so some vape users mix in complementary herbs. Vaporizing makes absorbing garlic’s amazing health benefits easy. 

Ginger. Vaporizing ginger gives all of the herb’s healthy immune support with a delightful spicy and sweet flavor profile. 

Ginkgo. This herb is known to improve circulation and brain function, particularly supporting mental focus and clarity. Inhaling vaporized ginkgo delivers these effects quickly, making it a popular choice for dry herb vaporizing. 

Ginseng. Known to have many positive health effects, ginseng is also enjoyed in a dry herb vaporizer because of its sweet, slightly earthy, almost licorice taste and smell. 

Gotu Kola. Gotu kola can boast a myriad of health benefits, from immune support to anti-depressant qualities. These benefits, paired with a pleasingly bitter taste similar to parsley makes gotu kola a go-to herb for dry herb vaporizing. 

Green Tea. By now everyone knows the positive effects of drinking green tea, including antioxidants and elevating energy. Inhaling green tea from a dry herb vaporizer is another enjoyable way to enjoy these benefits. Vaping green tea gives a balanced floral and herbal flavor.

Green Tea Gunpowder. This variance of green tea delivers the many health benefits and energizing effects but with a different flavor and aroma profile. Gunpowder green tea in a dry herb vaporizer gives a much bolder, bittersweet, smoky flavor. 

Guarana. This herb gives a jolt of energy followed by mental focus and an uplifted mood. Vaporizing guarana also gives a pleasant tart and fruity flavor. 

Hops. Hops are more than just an ingredient for making beer! The compounds in hops can reduce stress and anxiety, while helping to relax and drift into a peaceful sleep. Using hops in a dry herb vaporizer delivers all these benefits, along with a refreshing citrus and pine taste. 

Inebriated Mint. This herb is a more sedative type of mint and is great for vaping to relax and unwind from a stressful day. Vaporized inebriated mint taste and smells like mint, but with a bit more spice. 

Kanna. Vaporizing this herb brings a calming euphoric feeling, so it’s often used for anxiety relief. Kanna is well liked for its slightly bitter, spicy and tobacco flavor, making it a beautiful herb for dry herb vaporizing. 

Kava Kava. Kava kava is a wonderfully relaxing and uplifting  herb to use in a vaporizer. It’s earthy and bitter flavor may not be loved by everyone, but kava kava’s pain relieving and euphoric effects make it a well loved herb for vaporizing. 

Klip Dagga. This herb has a distinct grapefruit flavor with a bitter aftertaste, making a tasty choice for a dry herb vaporizer. The terpenes responsible for its robust flavor also deliver anti-inflammatory benefits and a light, euphoric high. 

Kola Nut. This energizing herb also helps headaches (thanks to its caffeine content). Vaporizing kola nut not only brings quick relief, but also brings out the herb’s bittersweet and floral taste. 

Kra Thorn Khok. This rejuvenating herb is a balance of energizing and calming stress relief. Its bitter, herbal flavor is often enjoyed blended with sweet herbs to for a more enjoyable vape experience. 

Kratom. This herb is well known for being used as a tea, however it’s uplifting and energizing effects can also be enjoyed with a dry herb vaporizer. Kratom has a strong grassy taste, but it can be mixed with other herbs in a dry herb vaporizer for a smoother taste. 

Lavender. Beloved in aromatherapy for its calming and relaxing effects, lavender is an amazing herb to try in a dry herb vaporizer. Vaporizing lavender delivers stress and anxiety relief almost immediately after inhaling, along with lavender’s signature sweet and woodsy aroma for an enjoyable and relaxing vape session.

Lemon Balm. This light and refreshing herb offers headache, pain and stress relief, but many enjoy vaporizing lemon balm for the pleasing lemon and herbal flavors. 

Lemongrass. This herb is packed with antioxidants and other health benefits, but the crisp citrus and mint flavor and aroma make it a delightful herb for dry herb vaporizing. 

Lobelia. Vaping lobelia delivers stimulating mental effects, including depression relief and sharpening mental focus. If using lobelia in a dry herb vaporizer, expect a sharp and earthy experience reminiscent of tobacco. 

Maca Root. Maca root imparts a delicious nutty and caramel aroma, with a boost to both the mood and ‘getting in the mood.’

Maconha Brava. Maconha brava is a light and mild herb with subtle stimulating and euphoric effects when vaporized. 

Marihuanilla. Called “little marijuana” because of its similar, but softer, effects. Vaping marihuanilla gives relaxation and a mild euphoria similar to cannabis, but has been found particularly helpful for relieving menstrual cramps. 

Marshmallow. This soothing herb is a great option for dry herb vaporizing. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, vaped marshmallow has a rich earthy and herbal flavor. 

Mexican Tarragon. Vaporizing Mexican tarragon gives a warming and stimulating effect with a bittersweet taste.

Mimosa Hostillis. This bitter and floral herb is popular for dry herb vaporizing because of its intense mental effects. Vaping mimosa hostilis is known to stimulate the brain with a burst of mental energy and focus, and may even produce mild hallucinations in some users. 

Morning Glory. This herb gently stimulates and uplifts the mind while also providing anxiety relief and calming effects. 

Muira Puama. This sweet and spicy herb relieves pain, depression, and is reported to be an aphrodisiac. When vaporized, muira puama has an enticing sweet and spicy aroma. 

Mullein. A powerful anti-inflammatory, vaping mullein is said to be both relaxing and healing, particularly to the respiratory system. It has a bitter, earthy and astringent flavor, so it’s not uncommon for users to mix milder and sweeter herbs in their dry herb vaporizers to improve the experience. 

Mulungu. This mild herb is popular for anxiety relief and relaxation and is often used to aid sleep. Mulungu has a mild and balanced flavor when vaporized

Papaver Somniferum. Mild and slightly nutty, this herb is rather subtle in flavor. Vapers like vaporizing papaver somniferum for its effects more than the taste. It brings potent pain relief and sedative effect, particularly when used in a dry herb vaporizer. 

Passion Flower. Vaporizing passion flowers gives a green and grassy flavor with strong anxiety relief and mental focus. Vapers use passion flower’s cerebral effects to help balance the mind without overstimulating. 

Peppermint. Vaporizing peppermint is light and refreshing, with a boost of mental alertness and focus. 

Pink Lotus Stamens. This sweet and fruit herb offers calming stress and anxiety relief without being overly sedative. Pink lotus stamens are a good choice to vaporize when looking to gently unwind. 

Red Clover. Red clover is a known anti-inflammatory and pain reliever with a mild, sweet flavor. While not particularly flavorful for dry herb vaporizing, red clover is used as a base in many blends to take advantage of its health benefits. 

Rosemary. Vaping rosemary makes it easy for the body to absorb its antioxidant, antibacterial, and pain relieving benefits. Vaporized rosemary is also reported to uplift the mood and mildly energize, with a sweet and tart flavor similar to balsamic vinegar. 

Sage. The terpenes in sage help support general brain function, such as memory and focus, while boosting the mood. Vaporized sage offers the familiar earthy, herbal flavor and aroma associated with the herb. 

Sakae Naa. This herb is rather similar to kratom, with comparable energizing effects and a rich earthy flavor like carob. 

Salvia Divinorum. Also known as “magic mint” and “diviner’s sage,” this herb is popular for dry herb vaporizing for its psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects. 

Sinicuichi. This herb is also called “Mayan Sun Opener” because it was used by ancient Aztecs to induce different states of consciousness. Today, sinicuichi is still used by dry herb vaporizers to experiment with lucid dreaming, or to simply relax. 

Spearmint. Vape users are fans of spearmint for its mental boost and refreshing flavor. It’s suggested that dry herb vaporizing spearmint may even help curb nicotine cravings

St John’s Wort. Well known as a natural treatment for depression, dry herb vaporizing St. John’s Wart delivers the herb’s uplifting and euphoric benefits in a way that’s easy for the brain to absorb and use. Vapers report an earthy, bittersweet flavor that’s pleasant on its own but can be blended with other herbs. 

Sweet Flag. This herb packs a bold flavor similar to cinnamon and ginger, along with potent anti-inflammatory compounds. Sweet flag is often used to settle the stomach and aid digestion, making it a lovely post-dinner option for dry herb vaporizing. 

Syrian Rue. This relaxing herb contains alkaloids that function as an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitors), a type of pharmaceutical that treats depression. Additionally, Syrian rue enhances other herbs with psychedelic properties, which makes it a popular ingredient in dry herb vaporizer blends. 

Thyme. Take this savory herb out of the kitchen spice cabinet and use it in a dry herb vaporizer to relieve congestion, sinus infections, and colds. Vaporizing thyme brings out the herbal and woodsy flavors of the herb for a pleasing vape session on it’s own. 

Tranquilitea. This popular herb blend is loved for its ability to relax and ease one into a restful sleep. Using a dry herb vaporizer is an alternative to the traditional brewing and steeping the tea. 

Valerian. A relaxing herb often used to help fall asleep, valerian is particularly good at relieving stress. Users who eat or drink this herb note that its flavor is cloying, almost sickenly sweet however using valerian in a dry herb vaporizers tempers this flavor with more enjoyable herbal and floral notes. 

White Lily. This herb is known for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory power, but many avoid consuming it because of its gelatinous texture and unpleasant taste. The benefits of white lily can be gained far more easily if using a dry herb vaporizer, and other herbs can be added to balance the pungent and astringent flavor. 

Wild Dagga. Also known as “Lion’s Tail,”  this herb boasts a number of health benefits. When vaporized, however, wild dagga is both calming and euphoric, with a rich and smoky flavor. 

Wild Lettuce. This mildly bitter herb is known for its potent pain relieving properties, making it a popular choice for dry herb vaporizing for natural pain relief. 

Wormwood. This herb is often used to flavor absinthe, so expect a rich, mildly bitter licorice taste and aroma. In large amounts, wormwood can be a psychedelic, but it’s more often used in dry herb vaporizing for its potent pain relief and relaxing euphoria. 

Yerba Mate. This popular tea is known for its antioxidant and energizing properties. Using a yerba mate in a dry herb vaporizer is another way to enjoy it’s benefits with a pleasant vapor that’s similar to green tea. 

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Recipes & Making Your Own Blends

While individual herbs can be vaped alone in a vaporizer, you’re not limited to vaping one herb at a time. One can find many recipes specifically blended to induce certain effects, or offer an interesting flavor profile. 

If feeling a bit adventurous, try inventing your own blend! Dry herb vaporizer recipes usually follow this structure:

how to make a cannabis blend

Not quite confident enough to make your own blends? Here are four popular recipes.

nighttime cbd relief

Use: A relaxing herb blend that relieves migraines, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Temp: 347°F and 374°F 

Base: 3 parts mullein

Modifier: 2 parts lemon balm

Flavor: 1 part raspberry leaf, 1 part mint

Rise & Shine

Use: Invigorating herb blend boosts energy. 

Temp: 347°F and 385°F 

Base: 3 parts ginseng

Modifier: 2 parts green tea,

Flavor: 1 part maca root

Cold Rescue

Use: This healing blend is perfect for fighting cold symptoms.

Temp: 280°F and 315°F 

Base: 3 parts rosemary

Modifier: 2 parts eucalyptus, thyme, basil, peppermint

Flavor: 1 part clove

Third Eye Opener

Use: This blend opens the consciousness and encourages lucid dreaming.

Temp:  356°F and 381°F

Base: 3 parts damiana

Modifier: 2 parts blue lotus, calea

Flavor: 1 part mint

Tips for Dry Herb Vaporizing

Remember to always vape with caution. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from allergies or are taking prescription medicines. 

Everyone reacts differently to dry herb vaporizing, so start slow when trying a new herb. 

Clean out your dry herb vaporizer between herb blends for the cleanest vapor flavor. 

Learn more about dry herb vaporizing by reading our blog Intro to Vaping.

Originally Posted: April 28, 2020