Can You Vape Water and Should You Put Water in Your Vape?

Can You Vape Water and Should You Put Water in Your Vape?

Some vapers want to give everything a whirl. Some have even wondered, ‘Can you vape water’? The answer is provisionally, yes. There are things that warrant thinking over before you try.

Then there’s the question, ‘Can you put water in a vape?’ Again, we have a ‘yes, but’ answer. Indeed, you can put it in some vapes. But should you?

There are indeed a lot of questions. Here are some solid answers.

Woman vaping by water

Why Shouldn’t You Consider Water Vaping?

Lots of people think we should drink more aqua throughout the day. It is essential for life. While true, does it necessarily mean you should try vaping it?

If you’re chasing flavor, you’re not going to get it from H20. It is famously bland.

Herbs come in a variety of tantalizing tastes and awesome odors. That’s why people enjoy puffing them.

Even if flavor isn’t a concern, there are still reasons you should think again.

What Can Go Wrong If You Put Water in a Vape?

Here are some of the concerns:

Vaping works with heat. Heating water will lead to hot water and steam. Both can burn your mouth, tongue, and throat if you’re not careful.
  • You should also be mindful of your equipment. Other than when cleaning, vapes, coils, and tanks aren’t made for using H2O. Adding anything other than what they were designed for could cause damage. Is it worth the risk?
  • If you like thick clouds when you exhale, you won’t get that like you do with flower.

Certainly, vaping water is better than trying it with alcohol. Breathing alcohol fumes directly into your lungs is not a good idea.

It would be wrong to use either water or alcohol in a convection vaporizer. These are made for dry herbs only.

But are there any upsides to vaping with water?

Hot steam can burn your mouth

What Makes Vaping H2O Safer?

There are problems with some forms of smoking that vapor breathing addresses.

• Smoking tobacco is terribly risky. Tobacco smoke is laced with poisons. For instance, burning tobacco creates carbon monoxide, which is deadly in large amounts.

  • A very big plus to using a vaporizer is that it doesn’t combust. Drawing smoke and particulates into your lungs is a health risk. Vaping is considered a far safer way to go.
  • The temps involved are significantly lower. Thus, the fumes are milder. 
  • If flavor is what you’re after, vaping is a good way to get that without excessive risk. Though, again, water as an option doesn’t offer much taste.

Even if the risks to your lungs from vaping water are lower, what about your equipment?

Can or Should You Put Water in a Vape Pen?

It is technically possible to put it in a vape pen. The device is designed to handle liquid. But the output is hot steam and that is a burn risk for your mouth and throat.

Further, H20 is thinner than oil, so the potential for leaks into the battery is greater. That could corrode your battery.

Yes, you can put in your pen, technically. And yet that does not mean that it is wise to do so.

Can or Should You Put Water in a Vape Tank?

One big problem with adding water to your vape tank is the coil. The coil is hot and adding liquid from your faucet could result in an explosion of steam. That can burn any exposed skin.

Plus, scalding drops could travel up through the mouthpiece and burn lips and tongue. There goes the enjoyment of using your vaporizer.

Some vapes and their reservoirs were designed for using PG or VG oil. Others burn dry herbs. No vape is designed specifically for water use. Using something other than what a vaporizer was intended for could ruin the device. It’s best to keep that firmly in mind.

Vape 101 teaches you to take good care of your battery, tank, and device.

The Good and Bad of Vaping Water

Okay, so there are upsides and downsides to vaping water.

On the plus side:

  • It’s not addictive.
  • H20 is cheap.
  • There are worse things to vape.

And now the negatives:

  • Hot steam can burn.
  • Blandness
  • The clouds are lame compared to, say, dry herb.
  • You risk potentially ruining good equipment.

    And another loss is the enjoyment and mental relaxation many derive from flavorful fumes.                                                                                     

Does Vaping Really Help with Anxiety?

Dry herbs contain fewer harsh chemicals than tobacco. That means less toxic stress in your body. And that pays dividends with a calmer mind.

The act of puffing away on your favorite flavor is relaxing. It’s a good treat for your weary brain. Certain tastes and aromas may invoke peaceful, easy feelings.

Yes, for some people, it is a way to lower tensions and soothe anxiety.

 A vape and glorious clouds of vapor


Vaping water – good idea or bad idea? Clearly, it’s not the worst thing you can try to inhale. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s smart.

There is a danger of steam burns. So, if your equipment is designed to utilize dry herbs, it’s best to stick with that.

Can you fill your vape pen or tank from the faucet? Sure. But why would you want to?

If flavor is your thing, stick with a tasty herb. If you vape for stress and anxiety relief, again traditional buds are the way to go.

Drink water, it is good for you. But don’t put it in your vape.

Now go forth and enjoy the bounty of flavor that can be delivered via vaporizer.