Can you vape on birth control?

Can you Vape on Birth Control? Here’s What You Need to Know

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important concerns when it comes to vaping and birth control, and go over some of the expert’s biggest concerns to give you a complete overview of vaping while using birth control. 

Bottom Line Up Front: While there are many pros to vaping dry herbs, the status of how vaping affects birth control is still up in the air. But here’s what we do know: Vaping can potentially affect the efficacy of birth control depending on both its ingredients, and the method of birth control you’re using. Keep reading for more details on this subject! 


Can you vape on birth control

Can you vape on birth control?

That depends on your body’s unique interaction with cannabinoids, and the cannabinoid content of the dry herb you are using. Factors such as age and lifestyle play a role in how cannabinoids affect our bodies. If you’re wondering How old do you have to be to vape?, you might already know how age can play a significant role in how cannabinoids can interact with hormones and other regulatory systems.

Can you vape on birth control

Strains high in CBD may very well have an impact on the effectiveness of birth control. THC, on the other hand, has shown no noticeable difference in the efficiency of birth control. With that being said, the studies done in this area are minimal at best, and more human-modeled studies will soon follow (hopefully), giving us a wider and more accurate perspective on how vaping THC will affect birth control. 

Vaping while on Birth Control: THC and Estrogen

The THC in cannabis can also influence our hormones. The wild west of the internet news will have you believe that THC can be a prominent influence over your estrogen levels- but is there any concrete study to back this up? 

The answers come predominantly from studies on rodent test subjects, and THC was not the culprit at all- it was CBD that tended to have an effect on estrogen levels.

While it's true that where there’s smoke there is definitely fire, it's also wise to wait for further studies before jumping on any bandwagons. This particular study showed that between CBD and THC, CBD was the only culprit responsible for having any noticeable effect on hormone (estrogen in particular) levels in rats. 

And again, it's vital to keep in mind that this effect was only exhibited when the rats were exposed to abnormally high levels of CBD. Please remember, this article is not intended to provide any medical counsel. For that, you should consult a medical professional. 

However, an article such as this may provide an opinion, and offer many different perspectives. 

 Here’s one such perspective: In such a time of free reign of speech, there will always be small facts picked up by digital publications, given a catchy title, and that small spark will likely become a wild fire of misguided information. For example, the effect of marijuana on birth control.

 While its true marijuana has exhibited some change in estrogen levels, these studies have been done with the following:

  • Mostly on animal models, more human studies need to be done before any conclusive answers (related to marijuana’s effects on a human’s hormones) are drawn.
  • The studies have been done with exorbitant levels of cannabinoids (leading us back to the question of how the human participants would react to average levels of cannabinoids, as they would encounter in their everyday life should they vape with cannabis)
  • And perhaps the most important of them all, THC has not exhibited any adjustment to the estrogen levels of study participants- that indication lies solely with CBD. 

So, if you’re wondering “Can you vape on birth control?”, the answer lies mainly with the strain you are vaping. And whether or not you can vape on birth control depends on the cannabinoid content, and the answers further research is likely to uncover. 

Does Cannabis Make Birth Control Less Effective?

The question of how cannabis interacts with birth control is too early to answer. Until more research is done, there’s no definite answer as to the effect it will have on your current birth control method. 

Until that research is done, women should still be aware of certain effects cannabis can possibly have on their bodies and their ability to successfully use their monthly birth control pill, which contains estrogen.  

Should You Vape Cannabis During Pregnancy? 

Contrary to some people’s belief, you should not be using cannabis during your pregnancy. 

Should You Vape Cannabis During Pregnancy

While studies have found little connection (if any) between cannabis use and low birth weight, there is a possibility that cannabis use can lead to:

  • premature labor 
  • poorly developed brain in the infant

If you are pregnant and want to keep using cannabis products, talk with your healthcare provider first. They may be able to prescribe other products that can help ease the symptoms of your pregnancy.  

Does Vaping THC Increase the Risk for Blood Clots? 

As we all (should) know, there is still plenty for researchers to discover when it comes to THC, marijuana, and the effects of cannabinoids on the human body. One such area of study includes the effect of THC on blood coagulation. 

A study published in PubMed details a two-year analysis of various trauma patients, where the American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality and Improvement Program database was examined. The study found that THC could possibly be linked to increasing blood clot occurrence in trauma patients, however, the prognostic study concluded that more research needs to be done before a direct claim is made. 

This is nothing new with THC research, however, it does indicate that if a person has a propensity for blood clots, is at high risk, or suffered trauma, it is best to have a chat with their trusted medical provider before they use THC products. 

Extra Safe Vaping Tips: 

  • It is essential to use a high-quality vape to avoid any negative implications 
  • Find the right vape to suit you, and understand the differences between a convection vaporizer and a conduction vape, so you can decide.
  • Use a trusted source to find your dry herb and steer clear of nasty solvents. 

So, can you vape on birth control? Here’s the final word

The conclusion? More human studies need to be done, however, THC seems to exhibit no change in estrogen levels, even at incredibly high doses. So, we know there are no concrete studies and results to prove any hypothesis when it comes to cannabis and birth control. However, we do know a few key components: studies show birth control can raise blood pressure - an area of concern for women with a family history of blood pressure. 

Can you vape on birth control?

The studies that are available show that cannabis does raise blood pressure and can increase your heart rate, but the focus for this should be on THC. They also show that hormonal birth control raises the risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke, which could make it unsafe to combine with cannabis. Those who want to avoid any mishaps with their birth control should avoid strains with high levels of CBD - although nothing conclusive has been proven.