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Firefly Takes a Vape Hike

The Firefly team has been working hard!  Motivated to move our bodies away from glowing computer screens, we took to the trails to clear our heads and seek out inspiration from the Great Outdoors.

Mark took us to a special place in the land of the Redwoods called Purisima Creek and tested our glute muscles and stamina.  Want a challenge?  Try vaping uphill.  Most of the team is not Cali-born, but we are all California at heart and thankful to be enjoying a gorgeous sunny day in February.  Since we just got our concentrate pads in stock, we made sure to take a vape break at every possible vista.  Team building really can be fun!

Fun fact: Mark exchanged vows with his wife Wendy in these very woods, in a peaceful grove of trees next to a bubbling stream.  Awwwwww!