About Us


Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson founded Firefly Vapor in 2012 with the singular goal of enhancing people’s lives by creating the very best vaporizers in the world.  Their first product, the Firefly, immediately earned praises from the likes of Wired Magazine and the New York Times as well as vape experts and connoisseurs for bringing a number of innovations to the world of vaporizers.  Firefly became the first and only vaporizer company to win a prestigious design award by claiming “the Good Design Award” by Chicago Athenaeum Museum in 2014.

This recognition of excellence is not surprising, considering the expertise at the helm of the Firefly project:  co-founder Mark Williams invented Firefly after holding positions of design leadership for over 20 years at Silicon Valley, most recently as a design manager at Apple leading Mac OS X interface.  Co-founder Sasha Robinson brings a deep knowledge of hardware and software, previously working and consulting for companies like Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Nike, Panasonic, and LG.

Mark and Sasha met through the auspices of the Burning Man festival, which reflects their core values of self-determination, artistic expression, community creation, and shared contribution.  And that it’s ok to have fun!  These core values permeate the small, hard-working team that makes up Firefly.  We think in unprecedented ways, as we forge our way forward in a new industry with a device unlike any of its peers.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and take on unexpected challenges in order to achieve a grander vision:  through the vaporization industry, we explore new realms within business and society with the goal of creating a brighter future by using research, design, and technology to enhance every individual’s freedom to be responsible for their own consciousness.