Incredible Vaping Techniques You Should Try Out

Incredible Vaping Techniques You Should Try Out

Did you know that there are different ways to make the most of your vape and that there are some cool vaping techniques you can have fun with? You might already know how to vape. But you can always experiment with a few new techniques to maximize the enjoyment. 

Everyone has their own style, which is what makes vaping so great. People inhale and exhale differently. Some vapers like big vape clouds, while others prefer to focus only on the tingling feeling. Some vape more often than others, and breathe in shorter puffs. Others inhale far less, and for more extended periods. Many people enjoy a nice and slow draw, while many others prefer short, fast puffs. 

We've put together some great tips for improving your vaping experience - irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or if you already know how to vape. So without further ado, let’s have a look at some vaping techniques you can dabble with!

Incredible Vaping Techniques You Should Try Out

      1. Go Slow, Very Slow!

Your vaping experience will be all the more pleasurable if you learn how to vape at the right speed. Your atomizer and dry herbs will last longer when you use slower draws. Longer and slower draws make your dry herbs warm up to the perfect temperature. The initial draw should be no longer than five seconds. What's more, when you learn how to vape slowly enough to experience the flavors, you will avoid a racing heart rate, cough, and red eyes. 

      2. Place the Vape Sideways

Can placing the vape on the side of your mouth make a difference? Well, it does, actually. This flavor-chasing style of vaping allows the taste buds to get a front-row seat to the incoming vapor, and therefore gives you even more enjoyment as you get the most out of your vape. Left side of the mouth or right side? It doesn’t matter, as long as it's on the side!

      3. Use Your Nose!

Check this out if you want to up your vaping game.  When you inhale, hold it in your mouth before exhaling via your nose. It’s often called the ‘dragon’ technique. Here’s why you should try this out. You know that the nostrils are lined with tiny membranes, right? These membranes absorb the vapor and make it an even more pleasurable experience for you. But before you exhale from your nose, don't forget to hold the vapor in your mouth first.

      4. Stealth Mode ‘On’

In some situations, people around you may be concerned about the vapor around them. It’s another matter that they probably don’t know yet about how harmless the exhaled vapor is. So basically, those people will not want to be exposed to large plumes of vapor. In such scenarios, you need to switch to what is called 'stealth vaping’!

Stealth Mode ‘On’

So, how should you go about stealth vaping? This technique will be your best friend when you're in public. Here's how you do it:

  • First, draw vapor into your mouth
  • Then take it into your lungs
  • Take a short inhalation of fresh air
  • Finally, exhale

The result? You'll find that the exhaled vapor hardly looks like a large plume of smoke! So, people around you won’t feel intimidated at all by the exhaled vapor. That’s what stealth vaping is about.

      5. Have Fun with a New Grip

Here’s another tip for you to get to grips with (pun intended!). Did you know that it’s actually comfortable and easy to hold your vape between your index finger and your thumb? The grip is worth trying out. It’s one of those vaping techniques that you're likely to have fun with.

      6. The Fast-and-Slow Combination

The Fast-and-Slow Combination

Experimenting is what makes vaping so much fun. Give this a try: take two quickdraws, then one extended and slow inhalation, and repeat this pattern. When you take shorter, sharper breaths, you help to prep your lungs for the longer drag. This longer drag helps you to get the most out of your flavor, and, what's more, you'll get a massive cloud of vapor when you exhale!

Pick a New Device and Start Experimenting

New ways to vape will keep you interested and entertained. Now, all you need is to get a new device to try out these new techniques! Maybe you have chosen a new starter kit to get you off the ground running with your vaping, but are you ready to jump a level or two? If you're ready to ditch the starter pack, it's time to look for a new rig or device. 

There are so many types of devices to choose from. If you've been using a vape pen, then perhaps you want to try a whole rig or go for a convection vaporizer. It's time to put these vaping techniques to the test with a new vape.

Here’s How You Can Vape Efficiently

By now, you already know about some new vaping techniques. To keep the experience simple yet very efficient here’s the best way to go about it:

  • Use a long and slow draw, lasting about five seconds, and make sure you savor the flavor. 
  • Keep your mouth closed, and enjoy the flavor for a couple of seconds.
  • Now, open your mouth slightly, and allow the vapor to travel into your lungs. 
  • Finally, exhale the vapor.  

New Vaping Techniques: The Bottom Line

Vaping has exploded in popularity across the US as well as in the world. And it's not hard to see why - because vaping eliminates the strong smell, and also some experts consider it relatively healthier. What many people aren’t aware of is that there are so many vaping techniques that can make the act so much more enjoyable for you! 

So if you want to get the best out of vaping, don't forget the following advice. Inhale slowly and gently. After taking a drag from your device, don't exhale too quickly; do it slowly so that you don't start coughing. Take at least five seconds before doing so, in order to allow your lungs to adjust to the new sensation.

Take note that you should clean your mouthpiece regularly. One of the biggest reasons some people find themselves coughing after vaping is because their mouthpiece gets dirty with residue from previous hits.

Last words: when you experiment with new techniques, remember to take your time and savor the flavor!