How To Get Much Better Flavor From Your Vape Whenever You Want

How To Get Much Better Flavor From Your Vape Whenever You Want

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How long has vaping been around? Decades. Why? The flavorful hits vaping produces is one reason.

Good vape flavor is what everyone who vapes wants, don’t they? But maybe you’re not getting the great vaping taste that you desire. So then, how do you get the best flavor from your vape?

Clouds are cool. Many vapers, especially newbies, tend to focus too much on the vapor they exhale. Instead, shouldn’t we care more about the flavor they inhale?

To each their own, but why not both? You can puff out powerfully and still enjoy the terrific taste.

Let’s look at how to get more flavor from your vape.

Why You’re Not Getting Good Flavor from Your Vape Device

What’s going wrong with your vape hit? Why isn’t the experience more intense? What kinds of things interfere with getting the best taste?

Here are some key factors to consider: 
  • Power – adjusting the wattage on your device can be a quick fix to enhance your experience.
  • Consider your coils and tanks and upgrade your equipment if necessary.
  • Wicks are crucial, and having the right material might make a significant difference.
  • A low battery won’t vaporize as efficiently.
  • Clean your device so that residue doesn’t reduce the flavor.

And there could be more factors like these.

Now, let’s start looking at some of these in detail that will help resolve your issues so you can enjoy a better puff.

Choosing Good Vape Gear for the Best Flavor

Getting good flavor means having the right gear—both your coil and your tank influence the taste.

Some things to keep in mind:

• Coils should be of the sub-ohm type. That means their resistance is below 1.0 ohms. This low resistance promotes vape hits that are delicious and give dense vapor.

• The type of coil is important. It should be made of mesh. Coils that are mesh offer more surface area. That way, e-liquid contacts more of the coil for better heating. That will make the smoke more succulent.

• Mouth to lung vaping is another way to maximize benefits. In this instance, you need coils designed for less airflow. That will make hits more savory but less smoky. Big clouds don’t always mean more enjoyment.

Choose Quality Materials

When it comes to wicks, there are two good options: cotton and wire.

Connoisseurs prefer cotton. Organic cotton, not commercial cotton balls. Typical swabs are bleached with chlorine. Chlorine is terrible for your lungs.

But organic cotton wicks are known for enjoyable hits—no harsh chemicals. You get the most from your e-liquid with a natural cotton coil.

Wire works well, too. Specifically, we're talking about an iron, chrome, aluminum alloy called Kanthal. This wire has a good reputation for flavorful vaping. It offers the right resistance for excellent vape heating.

What you don’t want is nickel or silica. Both leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste.


Choose Quality Materials

Adjust Vape Wattage

This is the easiest way to set things right. The wattage controls the coil temperature.

E-liquids respond differently to varying temperatures. A thick vape juice might require a higher temperature to bring out the best experience. You may have to experiment to find the level you need.

A variable wattage vape will give you the control to find the optimum temperature. Most vapes have a power button that cycles through low, medium, and high temperatures.

And all that temperature control requires a good battery.

Checking Your Vape Battery

Like a smartphone, a vape device needs charging. And it functions best when it is fully charged. If it fails to recharge, then the battery may warrant replacing.

Vaping devices come with charging cables. Like most electronics, a red light glows while charging. And green signifies that it is fully charged.

Battery location varies depending on the vape, but it’s not hard to find. Replacement batteries are lithium. They are commonly found at vape supply stores.

And a fully powered battery will heat coils nicely. But the coils should also be clean. 

How To Clean Tanks and Vape Coils?

After a while, using your vaping equipment repeatedly results in residue buildup. Coils become clogged, and airflow is increasingly reduced.

Keep it clean if you want your device to function well and produce the most flavorful hits. Cleanliness keeps everything working and prolongs the life of vape, coils, and tanks.

Here’s how to clean vape coils and other parts thoroughly:

1) Disassemble the unit.

2) Fill a small bowl with warm water or isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Mild dish soap may also help remove residue.

3) You can use a toothbrush to scrub the tank and coils.

4) Rinse everything under tap water to ensure all soap or alcohol is removed.

5) Let the pieces air dry on a paper towel.

6) Reassemble everything when it is dry. 

More Tips for Maximizing Vape Flavor

There are a few more things that can maximize mouthwatering vapor. In addition to the above, try the following:

•  Maybe give another e-juice a try. Some are just tastier than others.

• Try to avoid what’s called ‘vaper’s tongue’! Puffing the same e-liquid all the time leads to less sensitivity to its effects and flavors. Changing up to something different now and again sometimes does the trick.

• Keep your e-juice stored correctly. Someplace dark, dry, and cool works best. Also, mind the ‘best if used by’ date.

• Lastly, something very simple, shake up your e-liquid well before opening and using it.


More Tips for Maximizing Vape Flavor


If you know how to get more flavor from your vape, satisfaction can be yours. Should you get no flavor from your device, now you know what to do. It isn’t too hard to find and fix the problem. Or to ensure you get the taste you want before you even puff.

It can be as simple as using the right e-juice. And a regular weekly cleaning will go a long way towards lush and delicious vapor. Dedicated flavor chasers will put in a little extra work for tastier hits.

Now go forth, vape, and enjoy!