Why does my vape crackle?

Why Does My Vape Crackle? A Simple Guide on How to Fix it

‘Why does my vape crackle?’ Chances are that you would’ve asked this question as a vape user at some point! No matter how familiar you are with vaping, issues such as crackling and overheating can spoil the experience. 

Sometimes, dry herb vapes can feel like they’re getting too hot, and you may hear a hissing sound. Maybe your vape needs a simple clean, there might be too much heat around the mouthpiece, or the chamber needs cleaning. But how do you know if it’s a serious problem?

It’s essential to understand the problem before we dig deep into how to fix it. An overheated battery could be the reason why your vape is overheating. If your mouthpiece feels a little burnt, then you must put down your vape for a while.

Get a silicone mouthpiece, and you’ll be able to vape for longer. But remember, letting it cool down for a while isn’t a bad idea either! 

You can also check the temperature on your vape. The higher the temp, the shorter your sessions should be. If you find your Goldilock’s temperature, you’ll also find your flavor is more pleasant as well. 

And crackling? You’ll sometimes hear a crackling sound when you inhale a new vape. The sound comes when the substance inside the vape begins to heat up.

So, Why Does My Vape Crackle?

You might be surprised by the sound, but the crackling and popping you hear from your vape are normal. Remember that you are using an electrical device — one performs multiple functions at once.  

As you inhale, the substance inside the vape is drawn into the head of the atomizer. When you press the button on the device, the coil starts to heat up. The coil is where the magic happens as it heats up and vaporizes the substance in your vape. 

When it's hot, the substance makes a noise that sounds like crinkling cellophane. You're more likely to hear it if the vape is new, especially if it's your first time with the new device. So next time you hear your vape crackling, be assured that it's just your vape doing what it needs to do. It's the vape's way of telling you it's doing its job!

So, Why Does My Vape Crackle?

The Different Sounds of a Vape

Now that we’ve answered your question - why does my vape crackle? - let’s understand all the different sounds your vape can make. Let’s first discuss the possible bad sounds you vape can make.

Bad Sounds (Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore)

Although you may sometimes hear a crackling sound when vaping, you need to know precisely when it stops being 'normal,' and becomes a problem that needs to be fixed. 

If your device is getting extremely warm and making unusual sounds, there could be a bigger problem. You might need to reference the manual to see whether you can change the battery or see what else might be the problem. 

Dry herb vapes don’t typically make loud sounds, but a low hissing is normal. Don’t be surprised if there are pops or crackles, but they shouldn’t be excessive. And if the popping or crackling keeps getting louder, it’s natural for you to raise the question - why does my vape crackle? 

Notice carefully if the flavor or taste starts to change. If your vape starts tasting a little on the bitter side, then it’s the type of crackling you shouldn't ignore. But it's not a significant issue, it just needs a round of cleaning. 

Like everything in life, vapes need a little bit of maintenance. In this case, the vape is clogged, and cleaning it will fix the problem. As time passes, vaporized particles build up, causing popping sounds when the heat increases.

Is there no sound when you turn your vape on? That's bad news, too. Your vape should always make a little sound when you inhale. If there’s radio silence when you’re firing up your vape, it's probably due for proper cleaning.

Good Sounds (Signs You Can Ignore)

A soft hiss and the sound of popping or crackling are signs that the burn in your vape is progressing well.

These sounds can be slightly more prominent when you’ve just changed your atomizer or cartomizer. They may also occur with brand-new vape devices.

These sounds are also likely to adjust when changing the vape's substance.

Learn why your vape is crackling.

How to Stop Vapes from Hissing and Crackling

Regularly cleaning it is the best way to prevent a vape from hissing, spitting, or crackling. Here’s how you can go about it: 

1. Don’t overpack your oven

You don’t have to pack too lightly. Just make sure you don’t fill it more than 80%. If you do, the airflow could become blocked, and your herb might start overheating. 

If your mouthpiece is still getting hot and you still hear a high hissing sound, you might need to clean out your oven. After a few sessions, your mouthpiece and filters could become clogged.

2. Flick it out

If your vape is hissing and crackling, you’re not out of luck. There are some easy fixes for that.

The force of this movement can help whatever is blocking your vape to spit out. But remember to keep a tissue over the mouthpiece! Otherwise, you may end up with more coming out than you intended.

3. Give your vape a good 'ol, regular clean

On the subject of cleaning, here’s how to do it. It’s important to cultivate a habit of cleaning your vape. But don’t worry, it's not too much hassle! All you need to do is to give it a regular wipe with an isopropyl-based solution. 

You can use cotton buds to wipe any excess substance sitting in the mouthpiece.

How to Stop Vapes from Popping?

You should now know what causes a popping or hissing vape and what to do to remedy the situation. It's time to look at the ways to stop it from happening in the first place.

How to Stop Vapes from Popping?

1. Find your temperature sweet spot

You might feel an overheated mouthpiece or vape from time to time. It often happens with first-time users or with a vape you’re using for the first time. Some ovens are made from ceramic while others are made from stainless steel. Either way, you should keep the chamber and the oven clean. 

Secondly, remember that every vape will have a different heat time. Some need up to 90 seconds to heat up, while others take a minute. Other vapes have granular control. With the granular control feature, users can select a temperature that suits them. The average range that people love is between 380 and 390 degrees (F).

2. Keep your inhalations short and sweet

When your inhalations are too long and sharp, you will have spit back issues. Keeping your inhales slow and gentle will stop this from happening. If you’re unsure about how to vape without causing problems to your device, take the time to check out this guide.

3. Maintenance is important

Not sure how to clean vape coil? That’s no reason not to do it! It’s simple. Clean your vape regularly. If you don’t, there will likely be a build-up of vape residue in your device. Every device is different, so follow the instructions when cleaning. 

With regard to cleaning materials, rubbing alcohol will remove any grime and dirt. 

Bottom Line: The Vaping Device Matters!

Vapers may notice different things when using their devices, including popping, crackling, hissing, and spitting. The points discussed above will help you pinpoint why your device may be making those sounds. 

Almost all vape issues can be traced to your coil wire and the substance you put inside your vape. But remember, a slight crackling followed by a light hiss should be music to your vape ears! 

Silence isn't a good thing either, especially if you notice excessive heat. 

And finally, there is a simple way to prevent devices from giving you crackling issues. Simply purchase a quality vape device, and you'll have fewer problems. 

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