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Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities

Firefly Takes a Vape Hike Reading Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities 4 minutes Next About Us
Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Firefly


Still looking for a Valentine’s day activity? Want to try something new? We’ve found some events perfect for the holiday in a few of our favorite cities! So whether your spending this special day with a loved one, a friend or rolling solo, we’ve got you covered!

And yes – These activities go perfect with a Firefly vape sesh 😉 


Radiant Space “Before You Were Born” Exhibit

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Los Angeles

We’ve been in awe over Laurie Shapiro’s current exhibit “Before You Were Born” and we highly recommend you explore through this psychedelic wonderland. If you’re in L.A you must check it out! The exhibit is currently open now until February 23rd making this a perfect Valentine’s day visit before it’s over.

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Radiant Human Aura Portrait

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Brooklyn

We love Radiant Human’s aura portraits especially on Valentine’s Day! The traveling aura reading portrait experience was started by Portland-based visual artist Christina Lonsdale and has a fun interactive element. Lonsdale’s camera interacts with your body’s energy so as you lay your hands on the sensors it takes your body’s electricity and matches it to a color and that color comes out as a second exposure creating a beautiful reading of your aura. You will walk aways with a printed aura portrait of yourself and an aura reading color guide!

Valentine’s day tickets are going quick but not to worry! At all shows there are a handful of walk up tickets for sale at the door on a first-come-first-serve basis so get there early.

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The Great Pillow Fight

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - San Francisco

The Great Pillow Fight is a local’s favorite and a great way to switch up your Valentine’s Day activities! Join a crowd of thousands in a massive pillow fight. There will be plenty of flying feathers so don’t forget to bring a bandana or face mask.


Tropical Outdoor Movie Night

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Florida

We’re dreaming of this secluded sandy movie night paradise for Valentine’s Day. This free movie screening of Dirty Dancing is part of Miami Beach Edition’s recurring film series, Movies in the Sand and couldn’t be more perfect for a post vape movie night!

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Meow Wolf Museum

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Meow Wolf New Mexico

Ever heard of Meow Wolf? If not, we are serious about making a trip through this over the top fun house/ interactive art exhibit. Meow Wolf features dozens of rooms, secret passage ways, interactive and musical objects which guests can explore. What a perfect way to spend Valentine’s day! Get lost inside with your partner, your friends, or the whole family!


Sekrit Theatre

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Austin Texas

This truly romantic glass greenhouse is exactly where we would be in Austin on Valentine’s Day! Make sure to grab a blanket, some finger foods, wine, and lay by the fire and under the stars to watch romantic movies at this gorgeous glass Sekrit Theatre.

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Alder’s Planetarium After Dark : Mars or Bust

Vaping On Valentine’s In These Top Cities - Chicago

Want to be adventurous for Valentine’s Day? How about explore Mars? Join Alder’s Planetarium After Dark for their Mars or Bust event and be a part of a group VR trip around Mars! The Planetarium will be serving up drinks and music in honor of Mardi Gras to ensure a great night out!