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A Guide to the Best Wax Vaporizers For Sale

Wax vaporizers are quickly becoming a popular alternative among health-conscious cannabis consumers as a preferred method to smoking marijuana. In this article, we’ll take a look at must-have attributes when considering concentrate vaporizers.

Wax vaporizers are quickly becoming a popular alternative among health-conscious cannabis consumers as a preferred method to smoking marijuana. Wax vaporizers are used to ingest concentrated forms of cannabis, commonly referred to as cannabis oil or wax. There are numerous types of wax vaporizers available on the market, each touting unique features. In this article, we’ll take a look at must-have attributes when considering concentrate vaporizers.

What is a Wax Vaporizer? 

A wax vaporizer is a device that vaporizes cannabis wax or concentrate. These vaporizers for cannabis extract are very similar to other vaporizers, but have some tailored features that allow them to perform more effectively with cannabis concentrate inputs. A wax vaporizer typically consists of a battery, a chamber to hold the wax, a coil and a mouthpiece. The chamber heats the wax via a heating mechanism to release the THC, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. Most wax vaporizers are portable devices, meaning you can take them with you wherever you go. 

How Do Wax Vaporizers Work?

Wax vaporizers work by heating up a chamber containing the cannabis extract until it liquefies and becomes vaporous, creating a vapor cloud that can be inhaled by the consumer. The amount of heat that is applied to the coil affects how quickly and how hot the cannabis extract inside will get - this will impact the inhale time required and the amount of vapor and active THC that is inhaled. Many wax vaporizers have a variety of heat settings, allowing the user to customize their heating time. However, not all vaporizers heat the material inside as effectively, the Firefly 2+ is designed to to dynamically heat the extract inside with each puff and does so quickly (in just 3 seconds!), allowing for more efficient cannabinoid consumption.

Why Should You Use a Wax Vaporizer? 

There are many reasons to consider using a wax vaporizer. The primary reason people opt to use a wax vaporizer is that it is healthier than smoking, because it vaporizes the material inside rather than combusting it which gives off harmful chemicals and by-products. Wax vaporizers are also convenient thanks to their small size and portable design. These benefits together make wax vaporizers a discreet option for consuming cannabis as they are milder in odor, compact and easy to take on-the-go.

What Are the Different Types of Wax Vaporizers? 

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There are many types of wax vaporizers available on the market today that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. One of the most important distinctions when choosing a wax vaporizer pen will be deciding on your preferred heating atomizer – convection or conduction. This will determine the heating method used to heat your cannabis wax - convection is typically a direct heat application, think stovetop and conduction is an indirect method, similar to an oven.

There are also two types of heating elements – ceramic or quartz – this determines how hot your vaporizer device will get and how long it will last before needing to be replaced. While quartz coils have a faster heating time, ceramic coils are quickly becoming preferred thanks to their longer life and superior heat retention. 

Another important feature to consider when choosing a wax vaporizer is the vaporizer battery. If you plan to regularly use your vaporizer you’ll want to look for a battery with both a longer battery life and a replaceable battery chamber. This will allow you to get more use from your device throughout the day and allow you to swap in a new battery should you need it, without docking the battery for a charge. Battery charge time is another important feature to consider as the vaporizer typically isn’t usable while being charged and some devices can take hours to deliver a full charge.

Below are a list of wax vaporizers available on the market that all tout different features.

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1. The Firefly 2+ Portable Wax Vaporizer (Also Vapes Flower Too)

When looking for a vaporizer a portable, pen style vaporizer equipped with conduction heating technology and ceramic coils is going to give you the best performance but also is likely to come with a higher price tag thanks to the premium material selections. The Firefly 2+ was recently reviewed by Vaping 360 as a suburb concentrate vaporizer for flavor chasers.

The Firefly 2+ has a variety of temperature settings that can be used dynamically for small, personal sessions. It also has a battery life that lasts about 6 bowls, reaches at 80% charge within 20-minutes and can be replaced via an external battery pack. The Firefly 2+ wax vaporizer is very easy to use and is equipped with touch sensors that allow you to toggle between heat settings and is ready crazy fast with it’s 3-second heat up time. A desktop app for customizing heat settings is also available for Apple users and an Android app is available for Android users. These devices are easy to clean, helping to ensure that they last longer, deliver great results with each session and  provide the best taste possible.

2. E-nail Wax Vaporizers

The main difference between e-nails and other types of wax vaporizers is that the e-nail uses a coil to heat up the nail instead of a battery. The e-nail typically has an LED screen that displays the setting selected by the user. 

3. Desktop Vape Pen Wax Vaporizer

A desktop vape pen looks like a typical e-pen and is plugged into a wall outlet for power. Desktop vaporizers are typically used at home and provide a more hands-on experience than other types of wax vaporizers. A desktop vape pen has a tank that can be filled with the desired form of wax or concentrate, which can then be used with the pen. Some desktop vaporizers have an adjustable temperature setting, which allows the user to control the temperature used for heating up the wax or concentrate. 

4. Portable Dab Rig Wax Vaporizer

A portable dab rig resembles a glass water pipe and can be taken anywhere you go. You can use a portable dab rig with either natural forms of cannabis or with concentrated forms of cannabis oil that have been extracted from the plants. Portable dab rigs are often used by people who travel because they are easy to carry and use anywhere you go.

How to Use a Wax Vaporizer 

Before you get started with a wax vaporizer for the first time, make sure you’ve read the instructions of your chosen device. When using a wax vaporizer, it is best to begin with a small amount of wax material so as to not overload your vaporizer chamber and to ease into the experience. We also recommend starting with a lower temperature setting and increasing the temperature from there until you reach your ideal setting, this will help prevent wasting any cannabis material and ensure a smoother, more comfortable draw. When not in use, we recommend dab containers as an essential for keeping your concentrates safe while traveling.