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The Best Concentrate Vaporizer For Vaping On-the-Go

The best concentrate vaporizers are versatile and give users the ability to customize their vaping experience. The Firefly 2+ is a shining example of a versatile and robust vape that delivers everything a user could want in a concentrate vaporizer.

We take a look at why the Firefly 2+ is the best concentrate vaporizer for those who want flavor, and vaping efficiency. Consumer interest in cannabis extracts has surged in popularity, thanks to the legalization of cannabis, new types of tasty cannabis extracts continue to emerge, with portable vaporizer brands developing wax vaporizers for sale online to go alongside them. Vaping concentrates with a portable wax vaporizer offers a smoother and more potent hit compared to smoking cannabis flower. The best concentrate vaporizers are convenient, easy to carry around, and offer users a more discreet experience compared to a traditional smoking session. 

The rise in popularity of concentrates has led to a wide variety of portable wax vaporizers available for sale, lending to confusion among consumers of which to buy. Some are great, some are gimmicky, and some are cheaply made or downright dangerous. The best concentrate vaporizers are versatile and give users the ability to customize their vaping experience. The Firefly 2+ is a shining example of a versatile and robust vape that delivers everything a user could want in a concentrate vaporizer, allowing for the vaporization of any type of cannabis concentrate.

Best Portable Vaporizer For Cannabis & Concentrates

The Firefly 2+ is sleek, modern looking, and fits in your pocket. Perfect for those on-the-go, it’s an elevated design that blends seamlessly. It’s durable and only takes a half-hour to charge up to 80%. Choose either concentrate paired with the Firefly extract pad or grind up a small amount of herb and place it in the heating pod, and the Firefly 2+ will heat it up in just 3 seconds! Avoid having to deal with ashy bowls, thrown away roaches, or lost cannabinoids to a constant burn. Vaporizers conserve your cannabis extract and weed while letting you experience the full flavor profiles of your favorite strains. 

The Firefly 2+ is the best vaporizer for anyone looking to get the most out of their herb or concentrates. It’s simple, easy to clean, and incredibly efficient. It offers fast loading and even faster heating.


The Firefly 2+ is priced at $249.99 and is compatible with both dry herb and concentrate. With the versatility of this device you won’t have to buy butane, rolling papers, or broken glass replacements ever again. 

This wax vaporizer uses convection heating and is draw-activated, meaning it’ll conserve your weed by only heating the material inside when you’re inhaling. When you’re not dealing with a consistent burn, a little weed goes a long way, saving you money. 

How To Vape Concentrates 

how to vape concentrates

The Firefly 2+ is a great example of a pen that makes the dabbing process quick and easy. The pen is draw activated and heats up in 3 seconds, eliminating the time traditional dabbers spend heating their dabbing surface. The pen only heats when you are inhaling, so concentrates, which aren’t cheap, will not be wasted. 

Vape All Types of Concentrates 

Just as there are multiple types of marijuana, there are also different types of THC concentrates. These types vary in how they’re made and what they look and taste like in their final format. These are the four main categories of concentrates, and the Firefly can vaporizer any of them like a pro.

The Firefly 2+ is a great vaporizer for all types of concentrates. It’s temperature-controlled to allow for different concentrates to be smoked at different heat levels. The extract pad is convenient and easy to use, while boasting a 33% increase in airflow, allowing for better clouds and more flavor. 

Unlike many wax vaporizers, the Firefly 2+ is not a specialty vape that only focuses on one cannabis type. Dried herb and concentrates can be heated with the same efficiency and ease! 

  • Live Resin - This form of concentrate keeps the terpenes (flavor profiles) intact through a unique harvesting technique, which involves flash freezing the cannabis before extraction. This better preserves the cannabis plant and allows users to experience the full spectrum of flavor generally lacking in other concentrates. 
  • Rosin - Rosin is generally made with a hydraulic press and uses heat and pressure to extract the resin. Unlike wax, no solvents are used, so Rosin also retains flavor and is beloved for its purity. These types of extracts are often one of the most expensive you can buy and warrant investing in a good concentrate vaporizer to maximize the taste and flavor.
  • Distillate - Distillate uses heat and solvents to isolate everything except for the THC cannabinoids. This makes the distillate very high in THC, and is often sought out for its potency. Advances in distillate extraction have allowed for the preservation and reintroduction of terpenes making it a good cost effective concentrate option. 
  • Wax Crumble - Wax crumble is known for its dry and crumbly texture. It uses solvents and heat at a low temperature for a longer time than other concentrates. The end result is both tasty and very potent.

How to Increase THC Strength

The average concentrate, whether it be wax or live resin, is going to produce an effective high. However, no matter the THC level, your body will eventually adjust. Seasoned cannabis users have a tolerance that allows them to smoke more but prevents them from getting as high as they used to. However, when concentrates aren’t cutting it, there’s always the nuclear option. 

Crystalline is a concentrate that can reach as high as 99% pure THCa. This is the purest form of THC available. It is produced to retain just one cannabinoid, forgoing flavor and texture for a pure, heavy, hard-hitting high. One hit from a crystalline concentrate is sure to have even the most seasoned smokers happily stoned. Using a concentrate vaporizer is ideal for crystalline because it will effectively vape the crystalline, and avoid waste.

Vaping Concentrate vs. Smoking Cannabis

smoking vs vaping

There are a few key differences between smoking and vaping cannabis. 

  1. Smoking weed creates a constant burn of the cannabis material, creating a strong smoky smell. While vaping dissipates quickly, leaving less lingering odor. 
  2. Vaping primarily uses concentrates rather than dried herb. As a result, because concentrates have a high potency it may be a more effective method for getting ‘high’.
  3. Many vapes have temperature control that can produce different effects depending on how the concentrate is heated. 
  4. Vaping THC provides a faster way to get high compared to rolling up a joint or grinding up some weed and using a bong.

Decreasing the Smell of THC - Discreet Smoking

Weed is becoming more socially acceptable, but users still value discretion, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of THC more freely. When it comes to discretion vaporizers are the clear choice for consumption method.

There are a few simple reasons for this. Traditional cannabis smoking methods require a constant burn that gives off a consistent stream of smoke. In contrast, vaporizers only produce vapor when you’re inhaling and cool off quickly. For example, the Firefly 2+ cools down in just 10 seconds, allowing users to enjoy a puff and return the vaporizer to their purse or pocket quickly. 

Vapor also doesn’t linger as long as smoke does. In an outside area, it will dissipate quickly, and doesn’t have that strong of a smell to begin with, although it’s important to note that vaping isn’t odorless. However, the relatively quick cool-down time, portability, and vapor dissipation make it the more discreet option every time. 

Concentrates: The Choice for THC Strength

It’s well-known that concentrates offer stronger potencies than traditional cannabis flower. The very process of concentrating cannabis is to isolate and concentrate (make stronger) specific elements of the plant, typically THC, among other cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The effects of vaping can be felt nearly immediately because this method of consumption allows the THC to enter your bloodstream. Both flower and vaping have immediate onset times and effects typically tend to last a few hours. Many users also reported that vaping is more functional and less hazy than smoking. That may be because CBD is often removed during the concentration process. 

How Healthy is Vaping? 

A popular belief is that smoking marijuana is safer than cigarettes. This is true, however, it doesn't mean that marijuana is entirely safe. A study called “Epidemiologic Review of Marijuana Use and Cancer Risk'' finds carcinogens like Naphthalene and Benzene are present in marijuana. This comes with the combustion of the plant, as the smoke gives off dangerous byproducts. 

As it stands, the studies on the effects of vaping are sparse. However, it is known that vaping does not cause combustion. As a result, it does not produce the dangerous carcinogens found in marijuana smoke. Therefore, it is believed to be the healthier option of the two. 

Save Money and Control Your Dosage 

When it comes to concentrate vaporizers, The Firefly 2+ allows users to control their dosage easily. Dynamic convection and instant heating capabilities allow for small, quick dabs that won’t knock you out for the day. 

Enjoy a little and store the rest without wasting any of your valuable concentrates. 


Concentrates offer users a more efficient way of consuming cannabis. Dabbing can be fun, but it’s good to have a more convenient option on hand which can be offered via a concentrate vaporizer. The Firefly 2+ vaporizer is perfect for every occasion, whether you want to smoke bud or concentrate. Get one today to experience the ultimate customizable dabbing experience.