how to smoke cannabis wax

How to Smoke Wax Using Different Smoking Methods

Cannabis users enjoy multiple ways of smoking wax including dabbing, vaping, and adding it to a joint or bowl. Each method also involves a variety of devices and techniques for the most efficient smoke. We compare these different methods to find the best way to smoke wax for you.
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In this article, we explore and compare the different methods of smoking cannabis wax and concentrates while answering these questions:

What is wax?

Wax is a potent form of cannabis made by using butane to extract concentrate from the plant. This cannabis concentrate is called wax because of its thick, resinous consistency. Also known as “butane hash oil” (or BTO), wax is an increasingly popular form of ingesting THC and other cannabis compounds. Wax is significantly more potent method than smoking dry flower (cannabis buds), or consuming edibles.

Users enjoy multiple ways of smoking wax including dabbing, vaping, and adding it to a joint or bowl. Each method also involves a variety of devices and techniques for the most efficient smoke. Let’s compare these different methods to find the best way to smoke wax for you.

How to smoke wax

So, now that you know the basics of wax, you’re probably wondering precisely how to smoke wax. Not only can you add it to joints, blunts, or bowls, or dab it in a rig, but you can also vaporize it for ultimate flavor and smoothness. 

To learn how to smoke wax with a vape pen or vaporizer, follow this step-by-step guide: 

  1. Turn on your vape cart or vaporizer to be sure it's fully charged. 
  2. If your vape pen or vaporizer has temperature settings, choose a temperature you’d like. 
  3. If your vape pen or vaporizer is equipped for both flower and oil, secure the extract pad to the heating element. 
  4. Place the wax onto the heating element, and place the mouthpiece back on or close the heating element as per your specific vaporizer or vape pen type.
  5. Activate the heating element by pressing the power button, or drawing automatically, whichever way your vaporizer or vape pen works. 
  6. Inhale, enjoy, and repeat as necessary! 

Congrats! Now you know how to smoke wax with virtually any type of vaporizer or vape pen.

Dab Rig

dab rig

Dab rigs are the most well-known way to smoke wax. An inhale from a dab rig is called a “dab,” and dabs are known to provide stronger effects from a single puff than other forms of inhaling cannabis. This famously potent high from a dab makes dabbing popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

A “dab rig'' is a smoking device that uses water and intense heat to make cannabis vapors. Usually made out of glass, they’re similar to bongs in look and design.

To smoke wax out of a dab rig, a dabber needs the wax, a full rig, and a mechanism for heating like a butane torch. The dabber then heats up the “nail,” or the flat surface for wax. After heating, a dose of wax is slowly spread onto the platform using a dabber. The user inhales through the mouthpiece while rotating the dabber. After the piece is filled, the dabber inhales strongly to clear the chamber.

Dabbing is an enjoyable and effective method of smoking wax, however it’s disadvantage is that it requires an intricate and expensive equipment setup, as well as a lack of portability. 

Nectar Collector 

nectar collector

A “nectar collector,” also known as a “honey straw” or a “dab straw,” is essentially a portable dab rig. The method of use is very similar to that of a dab. A dose of wax is placed on a flat surface and the user heats the tip of the collector with the torch until it’s hot. Then, the dabber inhales through the mouthpiece while placing the hot tip of the collector into the wax. 

The effects and high of a dab straw are also very similar in potency to those of a full rig.

Electric Wax Vaporizer

Firefly 2+

The biggest advantage of dab pens is that they are simpler and easier to use than dab rigs. The user simply opens the wax pen to add a dab of wax to the heating chamber or coils. Some wax vaporizers are also built for use with loose leaf (dry herb) and may need a concentrate pad added to the bowl. The Firefly 2+ can be used for both dry herb and wax concentrates, and the concentrate kit is included. Once the wax is in the pen and wax vape is reassembled for use,  slowly inhale from the mouthpiece until the desired hit is taken, like any other vape. 

Most dab pens offer different voltages for heating, so depending on the wax and desired hit, the temperature can be adjusted for softer, mellow hits or increased for potent draws.  

Wax vaporizers and dab pens are also advantageous because they are portable and easy to use on the go. 

Adding Wax to a Bowl, Joint, or Blunt

Another popular way to smoke wax is by adding it to dry flower or loose leaf cannabis. Wax vapors are created by the heat from the burning flower. The Dabaratus by Bakked effortlessly oozes cannabis oil for the easiest way to add cannabis wax to a bowl, line a join or blunt, or dab without having to use a torch. 


To smoke wax in a bowl, the user spreads it across the top of the flower. Then, they light and hit the bowl as usual, being careful not to hold the flame directly to the wax. 

To add wax to a joint or blunt, users can incorporate it inside of the joint or snake it around the outside. A joint can also be dipped into heated wax for a light addition of concentrate.